How was your back pain after getting an epidural for the second time?

I have one son already, and I’m expecting a girl now too. My first pregnancy, I tried my best not to get an epidural, but 6 hours into labor I asked for one and got one. I know every labor is different, but I really don’t want to get a second epidural knowing how it affected my back. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to bear the pain, even somewhat knowing what it’ll be like. I guess my question is for (Mothers who have had two epidurals) what can I expect? How was it afterward in the months prior to getting it again. Back pain is the only thing I’ve had a problem with after having one. Also, what are some MAJOR things that helped during the labor process to “make it easier” up until the baby is ready to come out? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE


Following! Im due in april and have had the same questions

Everyone’s experience is different but with me (I’ve had 2 epidurals) my back is not the same. Example: I cant stand and do dishes for a period of time bc my back will ache. My back will hurt every once in awhile and will need my husband to rub it.
After I gave birth, I had this shooting pain in my back that hurt. And it lasted for a couple weeks.
As for helping during labor for back pain, I cant really offer much due to I had to lay on the bed the entire time. All I did was have a pillow to support my lower back.

The second epidural DID NOT WORK at all, whatsoever. I wish I didn’t have that bill to pay. I had major back pain a few months after the first one, and it’s way easier to throw my back out now. But after the second one, there isn’t any noticeable pain. I still think they had saline in that needle… :joy:

My second birth was serious the easiest. I was in labor all day and didn’t even realize til 9pm got to the hospital at 1030 and had him a half hour later. I will say the last 45 mins were intense but it wasn’t bad bc it wasn’t for long. Then my other two got epidurals and on my 3rd child I had a complications and they had to redo it 5 times 3 different anesthesiologist So they were digging in there scrapping things so my experience might be different.

Mine was the same as with the first no better but no worse and I plan on doing it this last one as well

I’ve had 2 epidurals and had no pain with either one, they were done about a year apart and I’m 3mo pp with no issues!

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I had one with my daughter 12 years ago and another with my son about 3 years ago now and basically its the same amount of back pain I’ve had from the original one. I wouldnt say its any more than I was already experiencing after my first kid but its def not any less lol

My back hurts, especially when nursing but it’s manageable without pain killers.

My second one did not work properly - terrible experience.

I’ve had 2 epidurals . And with both my back was sore in the spot where they inserted it for like 4ish days afterwards. But I didnt have back problems with either . My back feels the same as before pregnancy beside for the first few days afterwards. They both worked the same for me as well.

It didn’t affect my back for the 1st but I was 19… the 2nd one I got at 35 hurt for 2 weeks and the back pain from it 2 months! Think it all depends! I dont regret getting it think my cooter woulda hurt worse!!

Ooohhhh I’ve had 3 children… two without epidural my last child… most painful back pain ever… if you can go without it…go without it in my opinion…for myself by the time you ask for it you’ve already maxed out most of the pain

Mine was very sore a couple weeks after birth. They couldn’t hit the spot after three tries. Finally had to get head of anesthesia to do it right.

I’ve had 2 epidurals and my back always aches . Some days more than other when I’m doing dishes or standing for long periods of time . It’s not major pain but it aches . I just deal with it . It did get worse after a 2nd epidural. I didn’t get an epidural with my 3rd for this reason . Now I’m due with my 4th in 10 weeks and I’m planning on not getting it.

I’ve had 5 children, 5 epidurals and my back is not the same. I have daily back pain and numbness in my legs sporadically.

I’ve had 5 ( actually more, because a few times they would have to pull out and reposition)… my first was 15 years ago and my last was 3 years ago. I have no back pain except old age :joy::wink:

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I’ve had two. Last one April 2019 and I don’t really have that much more back pain than before I ever got one. Everyone is different. Hopefully you can learn some techniques to help you go without one.

I don’t have back pain often associated with the epidural but occasionally I get electric pulse like feeling in the spot the needle went in. It pulses, hurts and takes my breath away. Usually for a minute or two and then it’s gone. It’s super random too. I never know when it will happen but it’s not frequent.

1st epidural 1st birth was horrific!! But 2nd birth I started doing guided meditation at night to prepare my body for birth the 2nd time around and I tell ya no drugs and it was so relaxed and awesome