How was your experience getting your tubes tied?

So I am 24 weeks due with my 2nd son! I am pretty positive that after the baby gets here, I will be getting my tubes tied! For those of you who have had this done, flood me with your experiences… the good, the bad… from the procedure itself, to recovery, to afterward… Don’t leave anything out… I understand everyone is different, and bodies take it differently as well. I am just looking at what to mostly expect and how it was for you! Thank you! Please, no bashing!


I had my tubes died after my son… girl and a boy … perfect. Till my son died at 20 months… I tell everyone who asks… No!! Don’t do it… unfortunately you never know when gifts get taken…


Don’t do it!! I have had so many problems since having mine done. My sister has as well.

My tubes were burnt ,got pregnant with my third child ,28 yrs ago

Has mine tied after my 4th baby. Everything went great. Recovery was fine. I had a c section though so I’m sure that made a difference. However, my periods went from 3 days to 8… :neutral_face: I hate it for that reason alone.


I tied my tubes when my baby was 5 months. Was sore for a few days. Periods abnormal. Kind of regret doing it. But high risk in pregnancy with hemorrhaging.

Mine was fine , sameday surgery just lots of gas pains they say to walk them out.

I have a couple of friends who had their tubes tied and have been absolutely miserable since. Increasingly painful periods, to the point they literally could not function :frowning:

I would recommend getting the depo-provera shot every 3 months


Mine was fine, sore for a few days but everything went good

I have 5 kids and got my tubes removed during my last c section. Had no problems or extra recovery since it was during c section.

First time my tubes were tied i went to a follow up appt and was shocked to find out i was pregnant! It stated clearly in the paperwork i had signed that in i think 3 % of tubal ligations a pregnancy can still occur. I had 3 boys and then gave birth to my only girl. :smiley: it is more common than u know
I then had my tubes burned shut after the birth of my daughter, and Had no problems what so ever! My periods were very light after the procedure…that was all. The end

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Got mine done after my daughter via c section. Normal recovery. But I do get pain in my ovaries feels like they could explode lol but I take Ibuprofen and I’m good to go.

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I have mine done and love it. 3 kids in 4 years was more than enough for me

I got mine done 3weeks ago after my 3rd baby an 3rd C-section, far no problems with nothing. The procedure went well an recovery has been going good.

I would recommend a IUD. Good luck mama!


Maybe for ins purpose or other circumstances for some but recovery and other risk my OB doc discouraged it.
Highly recommended my husband getting the vasectomy and he agreed :+1: he was in and out in hour or so bed rest that evening back to work the next day.

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I did not because of the several friends who had bad periods after having them done 2 ended up with hysterectomies associated with issues after tubals. One friend ended up back in the hospital with a blood clot associated with the surgery. Another had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. We elected for hubby to have a vasectomy due to all those reasons

I’ve experienced very heavy periods and horrible cramps since getting mine done 5 years ago. If I knew what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have went through with it. It’s much easier for your husband or boyfriend to get a vasectomy than to get your tubes tied!

i had my tubes removed after having my son i had to wait 8 weeks after havin him but i had no problems