How was your natural labor?

For those of you who went into labor naturally and were not induced, what exactly happened? I’m nervous about it all


Embrace yourself! Lol

Iv had 2 inductions and 1 natural,the natural was my best labour,and quickest lot less pain relief needed x

25 hours of sheer pain…sorry

My contractions started at 3am, went to the hospital at 10pm, I was already 10cm. 3 pushed and he came out, gave birth at 1015am. The easiest baby I had❤️

It’s like pulling your bottom lip up over your head good luck lol !


It was super PAINFUL I’m not even gonna sugar coat it😭

1st… Labor happend naturally. (They stripped my membranes on my 40wk check up and i went into labor that night) a shot of stadal in the IV and that was that. 7hr labor 1hr45m push.
2nd i was induced for a few reasons.
5hrs active labor and 15m push. No drugs this time.
3rd again induced for a few reasons… I had been extremely sick from her and too weak to go any more… No drugs but i did ask for help with the suction cup thing… She was 12hr active labor and 90m push.
I remember them all like yesterday
For me the pain only hurt whe it “wasnt time” to push… Once i was allowed to do what my body was trying to do, it was just a killer marathon… Always felt like a super human after💪

I had all my kids natural. The 1st one was 12 hours long. No pain meds it was Kinda hard but after she was born I forgot about all the pain. the other two was not bad at all. I was out shopping the next day. The unknown is scary but I promise you will be fine.

I have done it twice! Each times I only had 6 hours of labor, the worst part is the pushing. You can do this momma!

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40 minutes… still painful though…sorry. x

Just felt like pains that slowly got worse in waves. My water did not break like they show in the movies and had plenty of time to get to the hospital

It is painful but honestly when all said and done you don’t remember the pain. So worth it!!

I had 3 natural labour’s and all were different. I think if you can learn some great breathing or meditation techniques that helps a lot. I had my youngest on a birthing stool and it helped heaps. Yes it’s gonna hurt like nothing you have felt before but once you get handed that beautiful little bubba you will know it was all worthwhile :hugs:

I started out with what felt like period cramps, they increased in frequency as well as pain level. It is painful, but so worth the end result.

U just start having these mean az tummy pain to the point yr eyes pop :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I had four of them. It’s definitely better than the dentist. Just breathe through and you’ll be fine. And, whatever you do, make sure no one is watching the damn contraction monitor and “giving you a heads up one is on the way”.


U will forget it as soon as it’s over

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No need to be nervous…its going to come out!!!save that nervousness for when they become teens…good luck!!!


I gave natural birth to my second child because I didn’t have a choice, It was like an incendiary round was stuck in my butthole🤦 and when they inserted the forceps because she was stuck it felt like I was being torn apart. The best part was once she came out the anesthesiologist gave me a shot of something that made me feel like I was floating🤷