How was your next pregnancy after a miscarriage?

I learned my baby did not have a heartbeat around ten weeks pregnant. I ended up needing to surgically terminate the pregnancy. It’s been two weeks, and I’m taking the loss very hard. My doctor told me I could start trying to conceive again after my first period and once I’m emotionally ready. My boyfriend and I decided to try again sometime in the fall strictly to be sure I’ve healed. But I’ve come across other women who have been through something similar and were able to conceive healthy babies within weeks after their loss? Most went on to deliver healthy babies as well. My question is, has anyone conceived soon after a miscarriage/and or abortion? What were your results? Did you have a healthy baby? Did you have issues throughout your pregnancy? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.


Not me but i know someone who miscarried around 9 weeks. Next cycle became pregnant and gave birth to healthy baby. She had a miscarriage 2 yrs before as well.

Miscarried in October, and got pregnant in January. I’m 26 weeks now. Everything is going well so far :pray:

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My four month old was born after a miscarriage, literally a couple months after. He was induced at 37 weeks weighing 5lb exactly. I have small babies :see_no_evil: he’s perfectly fine, meeting all mile stones x

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My rainbow baby was a healthy 7lb girl :two_hearts: she was born 1 1/2 years after my last miscarriage

Had a blighted ovum until 12 weeks waited 3 cycles and almost 38 weeks :pray:

Miscarried in December, got pregnant again within 2 weeks.
30 weeks along with a boy, I am considered high risk though.

I was pregnant within 3 weeks of losing my second. Healthy baby girl came at 41 weeks

I miscarried at 7 weeks. Fell pregnant again 3 weeks later. Am almost 34 weeks pregnant now with very healthy rainbow baby.

I miscarried in July of 2015 got pregnant again in October of 2015 we have a healthy 4 year old now. She was premature but we expected that she was 36 weeks but her brother who is 6 was 33 so I consider that good.
I went to a specialist office in addition to my regular obgyn due to my oldest being so premature. They where great! Would recommend finding one in your area in addition to you obgyn

I misscarried at 8 weeks. I didn’t find out I miscarried until 12 and a half weeks. I had to have a d&c. I found out I was pregnant 9 months later with my son. He’s 4 now.

I lost mine 18th sept 18 at 8 weeks pregnant, and found out I was pregnant 18th nov 18. Everything was perfect and I now have a healthy 1 year old boy who is amazing. He came 3 weeks early. Dead on 37 weeks. His idea not mine :joy: and weighed 6lbs 8oz.

I got pregnant a month after my miscarriage, my next cycle, but it wasn’t planned. He was born at 37 weeks and did spend time in the NICU but it had nothing to do with my miscarriage or how soon after he was conceived.

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks after getting pregnant on clomid. My doctor told me to wait until after my next period to try again. I was devastated and was determined to try again as soon as my body decided to ovulate, I ovulated a few weeks later and got pregnant with my now 3 and a half year old.

My first pregnancy was a miscarriage and then I got pregnant with my daughter four weeks later. She’s now 8!

I miscarried last April, had my cycle in may. Found out I was pg in June. My rainbow baby is 5 months old :rainbow: no complications during pregnancy or childbirth

I miscarried in August 2014, found out I was pregnant again in October 2014 and had a healthy baby girl in June 2015.

I lost my first at 11 weeks pregnant & ended up pregnant 1 year and a half later. Gave birth to my son who was born full term and 8 pounds 1 ounce.

Miscarried for a 2nd time in a row(last one was previously in December 2018 and have been trying since then. ) in October 2019 then got pregnant right away this time in December 2019… so far 32 weeks into a healthy pregnancy and all tests point to a healthy baby :blush:

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Miscarried October of 2018 at 8 weeks, got pregnant in January 2019 and lost baby in march at 10 weeks (had to have a d&c), got pregnant in may and had our 9 pound rainbow girl in January (two weeks early!).

My dr thought i was miscarrying because my progesterone was low, so i had weekly blood tests and was on progesterone suppositories twice daily for my first 14 weeks with my daughter

Be sure to express concerns tonyour dr and ask them to look for any reason you may be miscarrying if you’re worried. I asked my dr for blood tests, thyroid tests, and progesterone tests. She did everything i asked until we found my progesterone levels were lower than they should be to support a pregnancy