How would you handle your mom announcing your pregnancy before you did?

I would be pissed if I asked for her to not say nothing and she went and did it anyway. However, my mother passed away unexpectedly and my sister and her had been fueding and not spoken to each other in at least a month. My sister has to live with that now. Life is short. You have a right to be upset and make whatever decision you feel is appropriate. I’m sorry she did that to you.

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I don’t have advice, but wondering if we have the same mom? She literally does the same thing. I’ll tell her something and tell her not to tell anyone, and 5 minutes later she’s telling all her friends and says “oh, I didn’t know” and then wonders why I get mad.

My MIL did this with our first. Not only did she tell the whole family but she also told my best friend (whom she worked with) when we asked her about it she also said she didn’t know when we literally told her not to tell anyone 3 different times verbally and twice through text. We were so disappointed that we couldn’t share the news and see everyone’s faces because she did first. (We were going to share the news at big a dinner)

I agree you need to have it in writing, text, email exactly why you are upset and then wait for her to apologize. I would never give her the common courtesy of informing her of important events in your life again. She will be told when the rest of the family is told take away her thunder.

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There aren’t enough words to express how livid I would be. Ive had a miscarriage and completely understand your concern and desire to wait. I’m angry and hurt for you. I would absolutely need space and time, especially since this isn’t the first time. This is so hurtful. I wouldn’t reach out until she realizes and apologizes. Your sister and cousin clearly don’t understand the depth of your pain. Sending you love, mama. :heart:

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I would deny it and make her look dumb and then announce it later when I’m good and ready lol


I wouldn’t tell my family until it was time to announce it

She stole your thunder

First of all I agree with you to a certain point. You should havr never told her about this pregnancy because of what happened last time. As far as an excuse to not go to the funeral I totally agree. You made the right choice to stay home. Instead of telling her you are pregnant and that’s why you didnt want to go you should have told her for yiur safety as well as your other child you didnt think it was a good idea to go because of covid. I personally wouldnt have told her because it backfired again on you. So that is your fault. Good luck. I hope things will get better and she wont try to control you again


I had this same problem. I had few miscarriages sure enough guess who blabbed to everyone yup the bitch. I am 1 and done but needless to say she’s written off and I do not speak to her no more. I didn’t trust her nor will I ever trust her she’s dead to me. So sorry for your loss and for your family to have joys taken away from this pregnancy. Good luck momma. Time to focus and you and your little family. My situation is lot different than hour my mother was never a trusted person to begin with. Sad my child teen and adult life sucked. In my eyes I don’t have a mother.

I’d be pissed. Its not her news to share. I’d be distancing myself until she apologizes. Not just for this Pregnancy but the others as well. Idc how excited I am. I’m not gonna ruin someone else’s joy. Thats bullshit. And you have a right to be mad. It is a big deal. It is relevant. I wouldnt trust her with anything big again.

Everyone is different. I personally didn’t care if she did or didn’t…:woman_shrugging:t2:

Honestly it wouldn’t bother me… But not much does lol :joy::joy:

Your mom likes taking your thunder cut the bitch off

Did I write this or are our mothers the same woman :roll_eyes:

Life is short. Many people don’t have moms. You told her how you feel. Let it go and move on.


Id be not telling her anything else she has lost that right when taking away your choice

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I’d stop telling your mom anything that you don’t want the entire world to know about.
There are some people who just don’t “get it.” And your mom seems to be one of those people.

It’s not okay that she disregarded your wishes and blabbed to all of your relatives the news that you are pregnant. That news was yours to tell, in your own way and in your own time. I’m sorry she doesn’t respect you enough to do as you ask. From this point on, you might want to make her the last person to hear about anything, because you know what she’s going to do. :pensive:


Don’t tell her the gender… she’ll find out when you announce it


I don’t think you should have told her to begin with if you knew what happened last time it was bound to happen this time. But you’re in the situation you’re in if she can’t acknowledge why you’re upset then that’s her problem. Send her a text message and state why you’re upset and how it wasn’t her right to steal your family’s glory and telling everybody and sharing your news when the time was right tell your mother that she’s a very selfish woman. She may have done it because she has no excitement in her life and that was her excitement but it’s still unfair. As far as family texting you I wouldn’t even acknowledge it or message them back and say I don’t know why your mother would say anything like that you’re not pregnant.