Husband makes false accusations

I’ve been with my husband for almost 31 years, married for 26 this December 9th. A few years ago, he started to falsely accuse me of doing methamphetamine (we’d done it a lot, off and on, in the early years of our relationship, but I quit 18 years ago). He keeps telling me that he sees the symptoms of me being wired. The truth is, I don’t have much energy, I’m mostly dragging myself through each day and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia some years ago. He also tells me that the only way I can get the meth is to have sex with a dealer for it. I am not doing any such thing, and wouldn’t do that, even if I was doing the drug and was single. It’s very hurtful and degrading. He’s basically calling me a lying crank whore. We have gone around and around on this accusation for years now. I have taken drug test after drug test, even at the emergency room once (he had made me so crazy with anger from the accusations that I hammer punched the wall and hurt my hand.) I have never tested positive on the drug tests. But he has. He’s gone to a counselor, but doesn’t really believe it will help, as he thinks I am lying about it all.
I am at a loss as to what I should do. I still love him, but he’s getting harder and harder to live with, the stress and anxiety are making me physically ill.

My suspicion is that he is doing increasing amounts of it himself…the paranonia, accusations, unpredictable behavior…this is definitely one argument you will never win…a good defense is a strong offensive for him…it distracts you from HIS behavior…speak to his therapist.