Husband wants another man to have sex with me as he watches

My husband will not stop bothering me, he constantly keeps asking me to allow another man to have sex with me as he watches. He says it will make him so very happy, are they ways around this ? I’m going crazy within!! Our pastors opinion is that a good wife is one that fully submits to her husband, doesn’t matter what his requests are. He states that I signed up for this when I said I do. This is just too much

No! You married your husband with the promise to be faithful to him, having sex with another man is unfaithful. He doesn’t own you, he doesn’t decide who you share your body with.

No ma’am. If this is something that you are not okay with. You do not have to say yes. My advice to you, is if your husband keeps trying to pressure you, please go somewhere safe. I am worried for you.

Thank you Ashley I really appreciate it. It’s nit easy to just up and leave sometimes💔

Thank you Maria I’m trying to leave , it is not an easy thing to do.

Sounds like my ex. Who turned out to be crazy