Husbands and housework

My husband is open to doing housework, but I feel that delegating him to do so is another task in itself. It gets overwhelming. I feel like it’s unfair. Are their men out there? Who just know to do these things. He just isn’t mindful of housework at all or what it takes to run a house like grocery lists, our appointments, and etc. I am wondering if it’s me. Maybe I’m not strict enough, and I just have to lay out a plan on how to truly split the work.


I am only home 50 percent of the time
My husband knows what needs to get done.
However if we are both home nothing gets done

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My hubby won’t do housework unless he is told to. Guys don’t notice the mess like we do. It’s frustrating


My husband won’t just do something I have to ask… lol if I ask why dishes or laundry wasnt done he gets all mad and says well you didnt tell me too

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My first husband talked about what we could each do to help each other out. We took turns cooking, while one was cooking the other was tending kids. He always took our garbage and helped with laundry. We took turns going to dr appointments and such. Ask him what he feels comfortable doing and help with things he’s not. Communication is key!

Mine cleans without being asked to, BUT his idea of clean and my idea of clean are… different :joy:


It sounds like you are talking about a child not a spouse.

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Get a whiteboard checklist. That’s what works for us. Just write things that need to be done that way he always knows and it makes it easier for you to track as well.

My husband does almost all of the cooking, and definitely helps with he housework…especially the sweeping and mopping because those are the two chores that I despise the most.

Strict enough you’re not as Mom you can’t treat him like a child that will just piss him off try an adult to an adult conversation

Cleaning is natural to my husband. Usually he will give the game plan on cleaning on the weekends. I keep the house clean but we deep deep clean together

My boyfriend doesn’t do housework unless I ask him to either. I make a list most days, he says he prefers it. Maybe try writing a list to, I know it’s frustrating; but if the next day he does without a list than you know, he knows what needs to be done, or not keep on with the list or talk to him about it.

I must be blessed my husband will do laundry,cook, clean, take the trash out, dust. I don’t have to ask him he just does it. It may not be at all up to my standards. However I don’t complain because it is less on me.

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I don’t think it’s accurate to say all guys don’t notice or care, but it’s probably a safe majority. I got lucky… kind of. Mine absolutely notices and will take initiative. But the trade off is how much he’s bothered by a small mess. He’ll be cleaning and I’ll wanna sit and cuddle. Lol. No matter what it’s always about finding the balance that suits both of you

My hubby care more about the housework then he should

Keep it simple. We rnt as good at seeing things like you women are. Garbage. Clean the toilets. Vacuum some rugs, etc. Huge learning curve when I became a single father. My house is still not clean but idk what to do to make it clean.

My husband does most of the cleaning, heavy and every day stuff. He also does all the laundry. This on top of yardwork. We share cooking as we both like to cook. My son has household tasks as well.

If your working then yes split the work. But you seem controlling. Soon or later your husband will get tired of that

Same even IF my husband asks if there is anything he can do to help. If I give him a job its …ok il get to it in a minute. A minute turning into an hour and then him asking 50 questions. Where’s the sponge, where the dish soap, where do I put this etc… I just end up doing it cuz its I get it done 75%and I end up doing all the brain work anyway… it is frustrating but there are parts of his day I dont fo. I stay at home with the kids which doesnt mean I dont work it’s just more flexible. I also dont chop wood (I’m willing to stack though) and I really try to make him take the trash to the dump but half of the time I’ve loaded it into the truck so idk if that’s a full chore…

My husband just helps. If he sees something that needs to be done he just does it. Same with my kids. I guess it’s the way I raised them.:joy: