I am 13 weeks pregnant and have HG: Advice?

I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and diagnosed with (hg) excessive vomiting. Has anyone else experienced this? Anything you did that helped. I’ve been to the er twice and currently about to go again bc I can not hold any food or drink down.


I am so sorry, that is tough. I hope you start feeling better

I’m currently pregnant with my 4th hg baby, best medication for me and slot of other women is ondansatron or zofran if your from the states. It’s the same medication that patients that are going through chemotherapy use but it’s made me able to eat and drink more than I could without them. There is also a page on fb you can follow called hyperemesis gravidarum and there’s a lot of us on there that can maybe help with advice etc

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So sorry I was the same for my 2nd pregnancy, praying for you, ginger is very good but be very careful to much is bad.

And I lived on animal crackers (not the shortbread kind). The slight sweetness helped me eat them and not get sick of them. Ginger Ale (warm) helped me can my stomach as best it could. I was a mess for 4 months with 2 pregnancies.


My wife had that with both our boys all the way up until 8 months. I remember dissolvable Zofran was a lifesaver!

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They gave me unisom and b12 it worked somehow idk how

Oatmeal Square (brown sugar) cereal saved my life. I would keep the box by the side of my bed and before I even got out I would eat about a handful. Always helped me. Saltines, gingerale/squirt, ice cold water, I hate ginger but I heard that helps (they make hard candies).

Honestly for me I was allergic to all nausea medications besides Benadryl but never really could give me because it just makes you sleep all the time. I had to make multiple trips to urgent care or labor and delivery E.R for IV fluids and even then after about 3 hours I would still vomit
it all back out. Only thing I could hold down somewhat was crunch ice, chicken broth for pho and on good days white rice. I was diagnosed with it at 11 weeks and it continued until I was about 8 months pregnant. Best of luck hopefully nausea medication will work if haven’t been prescribed them already, they would have helped me wonders if I didn’t have reactions. Do not feel bad for going to E.R multiple times even if just for fluids. You and baby need the best and the vomiting is uncontrollable. Best of luck to you!! :sparkles:


I had hg on my first pregnancy. Also found out the hard way I’m allergic to zofran. Not a fan of ginger ale lol. What helped me was peppermint candies or preggie pops (found at walmart on the “mom” section where they have lactation stuff)

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Zofran didn’t work for me. Ask your OB about Bonjesta! Medication did wonders.

Sucking on peppermints or chewing mint gum helped and so did the dissolvable zofran

Mine has been horrible with my son! They put me on meds, talk to your dr, if you’re not already taking anything for it. I went to the hospital once and the L&D nurse saved me a trip to the ER and told me to eat ice chips until I felt like eating something light such as the BRAT diet. Don’t drink too much liquid adds to the acid volume. Even water. Watermelon is easy to throw up, and a light snack. Sometimes it’s easier to just get it over with once. I slept all day and only ate ice and lightly sipped water

I was! I was in the hospital overnight a couple times- the longest being 5 days straight from it. I was losing weight and couldn’t even keep any water down, no liquids no foods. Had to get IVs from the hospital to replenish my water and sugar levels, eventually the only thing that worked for me was a combination of Zofran, Diclectin and gravel in between the doses when I maxed out my daily intake from Zofran. The Diclectin on its own did zero for me, it was only working when combined with Zofran (anti nausea med commonly used in chemotherapy patients). Zofran was a lifesaver, once I got that combined with the others I was able to keep some food down and keep water down most of the time with the meds. It’s brutal and it’s even worse when people compare it to regular “morning sickness”. Not the same thing AT ALL so I feel for you :two_hearts: you’ll get through this though mama!

Yup! This was me for sure! Definitely talk to your doctor about zofran (although if memory serves me correctly, I don’t think you can take it until at least 16 weeks?) see if your doctor can refer you to an HG clinic (or if your local hospital even has one) - they were wonderful and when I was so dehydrated and couldn’t keep anything down I went there and got an IV which really helped. Once you are able to get hydrated again (probably with an IV if you’re going to the hospital) just try and always be constantly eating and drinking something. Even if all you can eat is chips - eat the chips. If you can continually have something in your tummy it can help stop the nausea. Good luck! I know how hard this is!!

Yup :nauseated_face: im 33 weeks on baby No 2 had it both pregnancies, im on prochlorperazine and 5mg and phenergan 10mg both 4x times a day! They really do help though!

I was on medication, but I also ate jolly ranchers or some sort of hard candy. The constant sucking seemed to counteract the gagging reflex for me. I feel for you though, I hated pregnancy because of this.

I had that as well both pregnancies zofran and ask about the pill with a little pregnant woman on them it’s called diclegus (unsure of spelling but I tried) it saved my life but if you dont have insurance or your insurance wont pay for it it is pretty pricey.

Went through same with mine, it got better bit by bit after i hit second trimester. Nothing helped me

Try these! Love these bad boys, you can get them on Amazon :heart: