I am 16 days late for my period but pregnancy tests are negative: Thoughts?

My periods have always been very regular. Every 28 days. However, I am now 16 days late for my period, and pregnancy tests are still showing up negative. I am not under stress as I know that I can sometimes throw off periods, but my periods have never been late other than when I was pregnant for my son. Has this happened to anyone, and had it turned out they were pregnant, and it just didn’t show up yet??


Maybe get a blood test? To confirm. Your levels may be too low to show on a home test but that’s odd after so many days.
Best of luck!

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I’m very regular as well, only time I was late was when I was pregnant, there have been 3 times or so when I was under a lot of stress that I was almost sometimes a month late and then got my period no pregnancy just due to stress, but everyone’s different!:woman_shrugging:t2: hope this helps some

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Yes blood test yes I’ve I didn’t show up on pee stick till 4 mouths


It depends on the pregnancy test too…I always use the cheap dollar store ones because they pick up a much lower HCG level.


My test don’t normally show up until 10 or 12 weeks. You can get a blood test

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I had a few false negative home tests, then went to the dr and I was in fact pregnant.

I missed a month once. Didn’t think I was Stressed but my body apparently was.

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That’s happened to me
Ended up being a weight issue

Mine period was 12 days late before I finally got a positive test. The doctor told me I ovulated late.

My son was 6 months old and I had a hunch I might be pregnant again. I took a test and this is what showed. The line was sooooo faint so I took a digital test later that day and it immediately said pregnant. I had an appt 3 weeks later and according to the dating ultrasound I was about 6 weeks 5 days. So at the time I took the at home tests I would have been 3 ish weeks and it showed.

It happened to me for over 3 months, when I finally went to dr I was 17 wks pregnant.

Get a blood test or pelvic exam a piss test never was positive for any of my pregnancies


Depends on your age and hormones. As you get older you are more susceptible to becoming irregular because your hormone levels dropped or it could be your thyroid. Get a hormone panel done thru your ob/gyn which would include the HCG will definitively tell you if you are pregnant or not.

This happened with my second, I didn’t get a positive test until I was 10 weeks along

Yup a friend got false negatives, she got a scan and was already quite far along.

16 dpo and 12 days late here. I ovulated late. Negative tests here but technically I should only be 4 weeks now. I see tge dr. In 2 weeks. Oh and all tests negative

I missed my period in January. Pregnancy tests were negative. Also went to doctor and negative. Had my period in February and March and was late again after that and didn’t take a test thinking it was hormones were off or early menopause, I’m 36. Felt nauseous and took a test on Easter and I was 6 weeks pregnant. Our bodies do crazy things. But I was not pregnant in January. It has taken me two years to get pregnant and bam.

You dont state your age. Under 35 get another test ro confirm. 35 over may well be start of menopause. Only a doctor can tell tou what is going on.

Three out of six didn’t come up positive until after three months and I tested every five days :flushed: once I though I was.