I am 19 weeks and barely showing: Advice?

So I’m currently pregnant with my second child. I am 19 weeks. And I feel like I should be showing more than I did with my firstborn. But I’m hardly showing. I am a tiny person. But just curious


My three pregnancies were different for me. With some I looked like a whale and others I didn’t pop until the end. If your OB isn’t concerned with your weight then you shouldn’t be.

I’m 32 weeks and my bump is not very noticeable I went pretty much my whole pregnancy with out certain people knowing even tho I’d see them sometimes face to face this is my 3rd

I feel like each pregnancy is different. I have a co worker that is 24 weeks with her 4th and she just barely popped out.


I’m very petite, 98 lbs pre-pregnancy and I didn’t show until 23 weeks. Even then it was not a true bump at all until closer to 28 weeks. I think the first pregnancy women always believe they are showing so early when it’s really just bloat.

If your OB isn’t worried then you shouldn’t be unless told Otherwise. All pregnancy’s are different. For my first you could tell by 19 weeks. I am now 30 weeks with my second and I’m just starting to look pregnant

Every pregnancy is different

I didnt pop with my second until 28 weeks every pregnancy is different

I didn’t show as much with my second either until my 3rd trimester. Didn’t gain as much until towards the end either. He was my biggest at 9lbs 13 oz lol. My 3rd tho? I got huge quick … Each pregnancy is different :woman_shrugging:t3:

Everyone is different. Baby might be more posterior with this pregnancy. Don’t worry too much about it :slight_smile:

Every pregnancy is different… trust me you will wake up and be like " where the hell did this pregnant belly come from "!

You’re still very early. Not everyone gets a huge belly. Don’t worry you’ll be bigger than you want to be soon enough.

With my daughter, I was showing around 19 weeks. I didnt get very big at all.

All pregnancy is different. With my 3rd I didn’t show until I was 7 months and it happened almost overnight.

My old manager was stick thin and didn’t show her entire pregnancy. She was about 33 weeks along when I found out just because she told me she would be going on maternity leave soon.

I didn’t start showing with any of my 5 girls until I was 7 months. You’ll get there.

I was 107 when I was pregnant with my second and I didn’t really pop out with a actual baby belly till I was about 5 months…

I am tiny, and I didn’t show until 20 weeks. All 5 kids. My boys later, because my butt just got big at first. My 2nd child, I was hit on at 8 months pregnant by a guy who thought “I just liked beer”.

If your OB says you should not be concerned and that the baby is totally fine, you should not really worry about the size of the bump. Every woman is different.

I looked 3 months pregnant when I delivered. I am a smaller built person but everyone is curious, my best friend looked almost 9 months when she was 4 months along.