I am 20 weeks pregnant and started bleeding: Advice?

Please post. I’m 20 years old and eight weeks pregnant. Yesterday I had some bleeding, and at first, it was just some spitting, and then it got heavier. I went to the hospital, and they told me the baby is fine and alive, and the heartbeat was normal. But I have a cyst in my uterus. My mom said she also has cysts but delivered four babies fine. The doctor said right now it’s just threatened miscarriage. Has anyone else ever gotten a cyst or a risk of threatened miscarriage and delivered fine? I’m a young momma, and this is my first baby, and I’m really just looking for something reassurance. Thank you all in advance.


I startd bleeding dark blood at 2 mons dr told me no work stay in bed relax 2 weeks. I did and today by daughter is 40.


Just to clarify, are you 8 weeks or 20 weeks? The post says both and it makes a big difference. Im thinking 8, but just want to clarify

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I had cysts with all 3 pregnancies…i delivered healthy, but early boys. None of the 3 did i carry full term. All 8 weeks early…I was put on bed rest with my last son and also saw a high risk Dr as well.

Perhaps you should seriously consider a doctor I not Facebook


I started bleeding at 8 weeks with my son and they said it was a threatened miscarriage today he’s almost five

I had a hemorrhage rupture at 7 weeks. It was so much blood it was scary. Haven’t delivered yet, but we’re 28 weeks and everything is perfectly healthy and fine now.

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I started bleeding at 22 weeks pregnant just spotting at first then it got heavier I rang the hospital at the first sign of spotting but they refused to see me because I had a scan booked for five days later. I woke up with a terrible headache two day’s before my scan and my bleeding was slightly heavier but not enough to fill a pad they still refused to see me . One day before my scan the nurse that was second in command rang me back and said the main sister had gone home sick so to go up and she would scan me we got there and was told my twins both had no heartbeat. I can’t help but think that if they would of scanned me earlier then something might of been able to be done. If you feel like something still isn’t right don’t hold back just go straight up to the hospital. I know I wish I would of x

I would get In to see your OB .

Definitely follow up with your OB. I had a sub chroniac hematoma that caused spotting and a hush of blood around 8 weeks. I also had super low progesterone They put me on pelvic rest and progesterone supplements for the first trimester.

Happened with my 1st child, I went on bed rest and no sex and he’s now 24

If you have cats DO NOT change the litter have someone else do it! If the ultra sound showed the baby is fine. Relax. Good luck

Yes I bleed my whole pregnancy with my last was on bed rest from 2 mnth till I delivered. He’s a healthy 7 year old now

Dr should have put you on bed rest!! Lift nothing and pamper yourself! I would call obgyn tomorrow for a follow up check and if the bleeding gets worse or your having bad cramps you need to go er asap! Please take special care of yourself!!

Go STRAIGHT to your GP , please don’t waste time on waiting for responses. I lost my baby boy at 19wks on 3/8/2020 no bleeding , no pain nothing found out through a check up with the midwife the couldnt get a heartbeat ultrasound showed no blood floow or heartbeat had to give birth to a sleeping baby and hold him afterwards the most heartbreaking thing ever

Go to the doctor stupid ass ,not the fucking internet !!


She did, can you read??? Nice attitude to someone nervous😡


Go to the doctor to check on the baby You need to be on bed rest. I had a cyst and delivered my baby natural thank god

I was 6-8 weeks with twins they told me the same thing and I lost my babies the next day. I’d def ask a dr! I’m sure everything is fine if you’ve been to the dr❤️

I have threatened abortion (miscarriage) on my hospital paperwork when I was 12 weeks pregnant. I had blood clots in my uterus lining. It bled out one day scared me to death and after I was fine. My son is 2! :blush: be positive mama.