I am 20-weeks-pregnant and the baby was diagnosed with a widened urinary tract dilation: Advice?

I’m 20 weeks pregnant having a baby boy! The baby was diagnosed with widened urinary tract dilation. I have to go to a follow up ultrasound and see a specialist. I need to know if anyone has experienced this before. If so did the baby get better on its own? Did you deliver and the baby still had the diagnosis? What did they do after delivery for the baby?


What your doctors telling you?


This happened on my sons 20 week ultrasound also. Did a follow up a few weeks later, and everything worked itself out. It was likely that he was “holding his pee” at the time of the first ultrasound, resulting in a widened ureter.
Delivered full term, and he’s just fine!


First thing, relax. He will be fine. There are stories all over the internet of fetal anomalies that correct themselves during gestation. Love him and deal with it after he’s born if it is still a problem.

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My son is two & I’m due with my second boy in a month, both had the dilated urinary/kidney issue and 2 yr old was monitored til birth, the one I’m due with has already “grown” passed the issue.

My daughter was diagnosed with a dilated kidney at 20 weeks as well. The issue did not correct itself during pregnancy or birth. She saw a urologist at the hospital after birth and then follow up with a urologist at 10 days old. She has hydrophrenosis and bladder reflux … She had to go for a VCUG (they insert a catheter, insert dye and see where it flows) at 10 days old. She has been on a daily antibiotic ever since and she is 2 years old now. She is still followed by her urologist.


My son had a similar thing dilated renal pelvis. They just looked at it every now and then. And assured me it’s something that sorts itself out. But they did have a backup, that if it didn’t he would have a small procedure done. However it did sort itself out and my baby was born just fine. :slight_smile: They told me that basically baby is just holding their pee. So I would lay there and poke my belly and say come on dude, pee. :joy:

My son had hydronephrosis when I was pregnant, and it resolved itself around 32 weeks. Apparently these kind of things are super common with boys especially. The Specialist we saw said that they see and deal with these kind of things several days a week

Make sure u ask dr all your concerns and questions my lovely and I hope someone can reassure you with any personal experiences xx

Mama just go to the doctor , ask the specialist

Don’t you have a DOCTOR???


You guys are bitches I hope you never get scared and need reassurance! Be nice before karma smakes you in the head! I hope everything turns out ok for you ignore the negativity

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