I am 24 weeks pregnant and have had really bad back pain all day: advice?

Hey, could I have a private post please, I’m 24 weeks pregnant and have had really bad lower backache all day( I do suffer from spd, but this pain is worse than what I normally have)? Also, over the last few hours have been having tightenings that are uncomfortable but not painful. Has anyone experienced this before? If so is it anything to worry about?


Definately phone and get checked by midwife x they may monitor u x

I had miserable back pain through my entire pregnancy. Wasn’t much I could do about it other than see a chiropractor and massage therapist that specialize in pregnancy. As for the tightening, it may be from several things. Could be Braxton Hicks, could be ligaments adjusting, etc. If it concerns you, then your best bet is to call your midwife or ob and get checked out. They can also make suggestions for the pain.

Please call your doctor


Mom x 4 Pro tip, take 2 tennis balls and put them in a tube sock. Put the sock on your lower back with the balls on each side of your spine. You can use this sitting in a chair or laying down, but the counter pressure from the tennis balls helps alleviate some of the pain. You can adjust the balls to where you want them.

Consult your dr…probably just growing pains!!!

Try sleeping with a pillow between your legs, it helped
me a lot.

I suffer from lower back pain, and with my second pregnancy it was awful. Doc suggested a gym ball for me to sit on. Like the ones you would use for pilates. I used to sit on that and roll my hips around while watching tv. Really helped, to the point that I still used it all the time. Ask your doc!

Call the nurse at your OB office but for me I had the same thing with all 4 of my pregnancies. The cramping was just the ligaments stretching and for some reason it was worse and sooner with each pregnancy. I have spinal stenosis, sciatic and deteriorating disk disease so my back is always sore but sleep with a pillow between your knees use 2 or buy a body or pregnancy pillow. I just use 2 regular firm pillows 1 to kind of rest under my belly and 1 between my legs specially as your belly gets bigger

I would suggest calling you obgyn or midwife and ask their advice. It is probably nothing serious but its always better to be safe than sorry in these situations. In the mean time maybe try laying down on your left side and drink so water.

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Drink lots of water! Sounds like Braxton hicks. Always good to call tho!

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If this isn’t normal for you, get checked to make sure you’re not in labor.

You need to see your Dr. You can’t get good advice from a Facebook post.


Get some advice love from 111 x

That sounds like back labor. Call ur dr.

Please go to urgent care or the ER. You may be going into premature labor. The same happened to me with my first baby. They were able to stop it and I was in bed rest the remainder of my pregnancy.

Braxton hicks maybe? I’d get seen.

Always go to the doctors if your worried never worth trusting anyone on Facebook when it comes to your baby, hope everything is okay but better to be safe


Sounds like contractions and back labor. Go get checked. They might be able to stop it or they will just say its nothing and you will go get a better nights sleep knowing the baby is ok.

Go to doctor Do not use heating pad I was a triage nurse also worked maternity
Monitor baby’s movement prior to waiting for their call back