I am 27 and possibly going through early menopause: Advice?

I am 27 years old and kinda going through some changes with my body. I am pretty late in my period, NOT PREGNANT doctor did a blood test, and it was negative. He told me the reason being is I did not ovulate after my last period. My last period was December 23rd, and I was supposed to start on January 28th. He prescribed me a medicine that’s supposed to make me get my period after eight days on that medicine with only two left, still no period. He decided to do a blood test, and check hormone levels, got the results today both hormone levels are low. He mentioned possibly early menopause. My question is, has any other young girl gone through anything like this? If you did and it was early menopause, were you able to get pregnant? I plan to have my second and final kid as soon as I can if this is my case. Just so nervous that I’ve missed my opportunity and that it’ll be impossible now thank you.


My friend had period issues where she was on once or twice a year but she did after a while get pregnant with assistance. But if u do have menopause u cant have kids after . Bleeding stops all together when u have menopause and wont come back after .

Ur dr should have told you that it can take uo to 14 days from your last pill before a period starts…also certain hormones change during certain parts of your cycle, soooo they should do more testing before even considering fhat


This exact scenario happened to me. I had every blood test and probing female exam possible. One very smart nurse practitioner mentioned that she wanted an image of my PITUITARY GLAD. Turned out I had a prolactinoma, which is a benign small tumor that makes your pitiably glad malfunction. High prolactin was the reason for no period. I take two small tablets a week and all is controlled and back to normal!


Are you sure you don’t have pcos


PCOS can also have the same affect and it’s honestly more likely for your age then menopause. But I do feel like more testing should be done and he could of said that it could be many things instead of narrowing it down like that.

You should also get checked for PCOS, I’m not sure about levels and all of that but I have it and I do not get a regular cycle at all. I have had one baby and am pregnant with my second! I would get more tests for sure!

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My blood test came up negative till I was 3 months pregnant. Just saying…


I would definitely look into everything the others have suggested, however…early menopause does happen. Happened to my grandmother at 30. It did not happen to my mother and it has yet to happen to me (37). We are not sure why it happened to her even now. Sometimes things just are. <3

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I had a doctor tell me I was in early menopause at about 29. I had a baby at 42. He was wrong


I went through early menopause, had issues before, was finished having babies so I had a hysterectomy. Best decision ever!! lol. Good luck and hope you can still have babies.

I would say you need to be more thorough. Ultra sounds etc. I went through this and …i now in medical menopause due to serious diagnoses, i had no choice. Please be your own advocate. I left the office and didnt understand, until i told my husband about the appointment, we (my doctor and i)were talking about cancer. Like i actually told him no chemo if it is and still left without a full understanding. Thick head i guess.

You can still get pregant with drug assistance if things are off you dont know the situation yet can be down to many things

I had to take prognova to bring on a period after not having one for a while sometimes after coming off birth control it can take months to a year…

Have you had your thyroid checked? My sister in law’s period stopped and started again once she was on medication for low thyroid.

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2 healthy babies and a miscarriage with a PCOS diagnosis . Third pregnancy with only one ovary my miracle baby. Complete hysterectomy at 34. All of my labs always were always normal hang in there !

I was diagnosed with peri menopause/ low ovarian reserve. But they can only test it at a certain time of your cycle. It tells them how many eggs you have left and the quality. One late period doesn’t seem like a cause of concern. Lots of things can cause you to ovulate late. Diet, stress, sickness etc.
I was able to get pregnant but it took 3 years. My sister also was diagnosed and just got pregnant with IVF. So it’s not hopeless. I would definitely seek more answers though. Thyroid issues can also mess up your cycle.

Get your pituitary gland checked! It can cause hormones issues.

Never know you still could be pregnant

You can be perimenopausal for yearsssss before you actually go through menopause. And it’s absolutely possible to get pregnant, but you might have to use fertility drugs.

I don’t get a period because I had to have my thyroid taken out and my hormone levels have been messed up ever since plus I have other medical issues that I’m sure also cause me to not get mine.