I am 27 weeks pregnant and do not want to eat: Advice?

I’m 27 weeks pregnant, and I can barely eat. I don’t have an appetite when it comes to eating. I seem to forget sometimes to eat during the day, and when I do eat, I don’t feel hungry, but I have to eat for the baby. I’m mainly constantly thirsty tho I can drink 3L of water a day, but when it comes to me eating food after a couple bites, I feel like throwing up and get disgusted… any tips


Have you been checked for Gestational Diabetes? I had it and was thirsty all the time, drinking a lot everyday.


Make smoothies/shakes/milkshakes… I wasn’t gaining much in the first couple semesters with my second and was told to do milk shakes because you can switch them up and they aren’t too terribly bad for you.

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did you talk to your dr

I feel the same way but struggle to drink water too​:woman_shrugging:t2::slightly_frowning_face:

I could hardly eat so I would drink meal replacement shakes to get something in me.


I’m 33 weeks and I’ve felt the same way the entire pregnancy, I constantly feel full and always thirsty… but at least I’m hydrated :slightly_smiling_face: :woman_shrugging:t2:

I ate really really light and small meals throughout the day, kept nut mixes nearby so I would snack on em constantly as well as granola bars and such

Try smoothies you can make them super good for you!!! Depending on your tolerance for veggies you can even add them. Maybe cheese and crackers to

That’s how I felt and found out I had gestational diabetes . If your sugars are off you can get nauseous and also very thirsty .

Same here 19wks n counting. I’ve had horrible Morning sickness all this time. Its my 4th but first time with dry heaving n nauseated all day. I don’t have a taste for food At all… Only think i want to eat is Hot Cheetos with nacho cheese. Also soda!! Only 1 …
My dr has me takin 3 different pills now to see what helps. But i have gained 3lbs so dr said its ok

Can you try smoothies or meal replacement shakes to try and get some calories and nutrition? I struggled with eating as well but I found a drink from Jugo juice that I was able to keep down which helped me. Good luck!

Talk to your obgyn… I had the same issue and
I drank meal replacement shakes so I was getting nutrition, calorie and much needed protein.

I had a tough time eating before 20 weeks. I tried to get my nutrition in by drinking smoothies and meal replacement shakes (recommended by my OB). Once my nausea went away around 20-22 weeks though, it was game on and I couldn’t eat enough!! That may happen to you, too!

Try protein drinks i drank a lot of them when I didn’t feel well while pregnant. Set a timer on your phone for every 4 or 5 hours if need be to drink something nutritious for the baby. Even carnation good starts.

omg plz eat force yourself i know its hard it happened to me I just had my baby oct 2nd and she was tiny because of that she only weighed 4pds I mean probably doesn’t happen to everyone but it happened to me so try and eat

Drinking water made me full. Try protien shakes and smoothies

I was the same exact way during the beginning of my pregnancy. I’ve only gained 20 pounds, and that was after I lost weight. But baby and me are fine and healthy. Don’t force yourself to eat. Light snacks. I always strived to eat an energy bar or something throughout the day despite how it made me feel, though. Ensure that if you aren’t eating that you are at least taking your prenatal vitamins.

There is a prescription for an anti nausea medication that is safe and made for pregnant women. Ask your ob about it!! I was on it for at least 7 months of my pregnancy and I’d wake up and take it with water and sleep for another 30 mins while it kicked in and was able to eat and keep my food down.

Drink your calories. Try milkshakes, smoothies, protein shakes or breakfast shakes. Carnation makes a his breakfast shake. They have vanilla, strawberry and chocolate and chocolate with extra protein