I am 32 weeks pregnant and measuring smaller than normal: Is that normal?

So I’m 32 weeks tomorrow, but when I went to the doctor today, she measured me like always, and I measured 29 weeks? But all the times before that I’ve gotten measured, I measured 3 to 4 days further then what week I was. So I have an ultrasound for next Friday to see why? Anyone ever deals with this, and everything is fine with the baby


I wouldn’t stress love. I was measuring small so got extra growth scans- baby was in the 20th percentile & is now in the 95th percentile. (3 weeks ahead) if they don’t seem worried, I wouldn’t be. I got worked up but thankfully all is okay. All the best mumma x

My little girl I had same thing! She had placenta growth restriction! They did ultrasound every week and stress tests! With no Steroids for her lungs She was born at 37 week 6 days and was 4 lbs and 8 oz… she had no issues at all!! Hang in there mama!

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My daughter had to be delivered early because she measured too small all through my pregnancy. I had growth scans twice a week in the last month of my pregnancy! I now have a small for her size but otherwise extremely healthy 4 year old.

My second measured small. They took a look via ultra sound and he seems to be developing well. He was born healty at 7lb 4oz. I think i was just carrying differently the second time around.

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I was always measuring 4 weeks behind or so. My belly was tiny my whole pregnancy. My daughter weighed 7.5 pounds and was perfect. Shes now 4 months and growing perfect

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Both of my girls measured small and I went full term with no complications. Just listen to your body! You got this mama :heart:

Girl it’s probably just fine :two_hearts: your baby probably will end up having a huge growth spurt & catch up ! :slightly_smiling_face: I know how scared you feel. I just had the same happen with my pregnancy. I am 8 months along now but when I was 25 wks along , I measured 2-3 weeks small :frowning: but once I got to 29 weeks, my baby was all caught up ! My ob told me it’s normal for that to happen especially in 2nd pregnancies. Wishing you the best !

I had the same thing with my daughter she was 5’14 and she is still only 4 foot 10

Don’t stress! When I was in my thirties with my first she did the same thing but everything checked out just fine! She was born on her due date on her own at a healthy 6lb 8oz and is now a chunky monkey at 18 months.From my understanding he/she might have just been laying a different way.

She measured you, as in the fontanel measurement? That measurement is always so tricky. If you eat a lot before, you’ll measure big, empty stomach, measure small.
I always measured bigger, because I’ve always been chubby. And my last few weeks I measured small.
It’s good they scheduled you an ultrasound to double check. But I’m sure it’s absolutely nothing to worry about.
And just a heads up, my babies measured BIG in the ultrasound. 10 pounders. They both came out under 8.

It could be a million things most are not bad but stressing yourself out is just going to make things worse if they thought it was bad they would have done more tests that day


We had extra ultrasounds throughout my pregnancy because our daughter measured small. Turns out she’s just little :woman_shrugging: perfectly happy, healthy, developmentally normal 1 year old. Don’t stress out about it. The next ultrasound will help you learn what’s going on.

One day at a time. Stress can cause problems, so just pray about it and put it in God’s hands.

I was measuring 2 weeks behind for a while and now I’m measuring 2-3 weeks ahead so it could be nothing :woman_shrugging:t3:

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My first measured really small in the womb they were saying 5lbs and did an emergency ultrasound. He came out a week late (induced) at 7 lbs 12 oz completely fine. He needed extra time to “bake” or so I like to think. Hope it’s the same for you

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Are you petite? I really wouldn’t worry after birth just file milestones. Think you’re good tough.

My belly was small all through my pregnancy. My doctors were concerned towards my 30 week mark that it would affect my son. Turns out nothing was wrong…he was right on track. I worried myself sick until my ultrasound, don’t do that to yourself!! I gave birth just past 38 weeks. My son was 6 pounds 3 ounces and completely healthy! :grin: Best of luck!! :blue_heart::heart::blue_heart::heart:

Don’t worry, depends how your baby is laying. My son laid most in the back. I didn’t even show until 6 months. First I was due October, then September delivered in August! Shortest pregnancy ever!!

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This happened to me with both my girls (I measured dead on with my boy).
At about 30-32 weeks I started measuring a week behind and I wasn’t gaining weight. Ultrasound showed perfect babies. They were just wee things at birth. 6.11 and 6.12 both born at 39+2 (2 years apart)
Trust that if your doctor isn’t worried you shouldn’t be either :slightly_smiling_face: