I am 32 weeks pregnant with really intense cramps: Advice?

Hi, I’m 32 weeks with my first baby. For the past couple of days, I’ve been getting intense period like cramps; they aren’t Braxton Hicks as they don’t come then fade; it’s just one prolonged cramp. I’ve been getting pain within my cervix on top of this. I’m wondering if the baby is coming soon, or am I just freaking out. Thank you so much x


I would go to the ER, my daughter came at 34 weeks, but originally I almost had her at 32+5, they were able to stop my contractions.

I would consult with your ob. I got this as well. It’s just the body preparing itself for the upcoming labor. But like I said. Talk with your dr let him know your concerns.


Doesn’t sound like it!! Lots of water and electrolytes. Contractions come and go like Braxton Hicks. Could be stretching, ligament pain etc!


I’m 31 wks and any kind of gas or intestinal bloating gives me intense cramping like I’m going into labor. I lay on my left side and usually gas comes out. If you feel like it’s an emergency and the pain doesn’t go away I’d go to the hospital to get checked

Hydrate and call labor & delivery. They’ll probably want you to come in.

I would call your OB. You can be dilated but not active labor which would give you contractions.

Sounds like you may be slowly Dialating. Which is common before actually going into labor. Or it could be trapped gas. You could try taking a warm bath to see if it helps. It can’t hurt to give your doctor a call. Better safe than sorry. If deep down you feel its coming quick. Trust your body and your instincts.

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Call your doctor. Not Facebook


Go to the hospital could be early labor

I’m 37 weeks and I’ve had the same type of cramping (this is pregnancy number 2) and my OB hasn’t been concerned, def call your OB and ask or call the OB department at your hospital and talk to a nurse

Consult with Dr, but I had a lot of pain when I was “spreading”. (When your hips widen to give the baby room to get out. )

Could be that, but never hurts to check it out.

Call your ob! I had some issues 2 weeks before I delivered and they had me come to the office for a checkup so I didn’t have to pay for an er visit. If I needed to be admitted they will tell you. Better safe than sorry.

Drink, drink, drink! Even if you’re not thirsty!

I would have it check out buy it sounds like you are getting ready almost every one goes thru this for a couple of weeks before it

definitely make sure you are hydrated. If you are worried go to the doctors to get checked but it sounds like it could just be a hydration issue

Go to the hospital and get checked! Always be safe rather than sorry!

Could be her moving into position

Call your dr . They know best !


That’s how my contracts fely

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