I am 35 weeks with 0 motivation: Advice?

I’m almost 35 weeks and have zero motivation to do anything between Braxton hicks and not sleeping a lot because of being uncomfortable. I’m exhausted all day at work, and any little task takes all my energy. How do I get my energy back? Is there anything I can eat or drink that will help? I only have five weeks till my c-section, but any advice til then will help so much.


You have no rest . Just be comfy all the time no matter what ur doing . Take time for urself because you wont have it ever again . Take it from mum of two who is currently on edge of a super king bed with two kids asleep right behind me . Enjoy !


This is the time to relax and just be momma! The end is the hardest part and your there! Try to nap when you can and forget the rest, ask for help if you need around the house and order out !


I slept in a recliner the last month of my 2nd pregnancy and that was the only way I could sleep somewhat comfortably

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Feel it girl. I’m 36 weeks and have no motivation between the Braxton Hicks, taking care of a 2 year old and keeping the house cleaned by 4 o’clock I’m drained, also no sex drive what so ever. I want him to keep that thing as far away from me as possible, just adds to the discomfort

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Quite work. Stay home and nap as needed . Get all the rest You can. Walk around the block. Good luck little momma!

Well, my kid is 19 months and I still don’t have my energy back! :rofl: use this time to REST! Read! SLEEP! Make sure you are packed for the hospital is about it.

I heard between 16-18 years depending on how independent your child becomes :rofl:. I personally can’t answer that cuz all I got is energy :woman_shrugging:. 1.5 year old and full time job :woman_shrugging:.

Your body is telling you to slow down. Listen to it. :slight_smile:

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Relax , you don’t need to do anything, when babe is here you will kick in to mommy mode , and everything will be okay :heart:

I’m 36 weeks with 4 kids 11 to 2 years old. I feel this with my soul! And with Virtual learning…I’m in bed by 830 EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

Right there with you. I am also 35 weeks. Your body is just getting ready to have baby. Get the rest you need and don’t over work yourself or stress over not getting things done.


Girl… snoogle. Best thing I ever bought for myself for anything ever. Go name brand. Don’t go cheap. SNOOGLE

Increesing ur iron intake vitamin d and vitamin c can help give u an energy boost hun maybe ask ur midwife to check ur blood levels but please remember u are growing another person inside of u who is taking up all ur room so everything is squashed up in to ur rib cage making taking oxygen harder coursing u to get more tired please give ur self a break mummy

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I worked up until about 1 month before my due date but after that I was exactly the same, my doctor suggested to take iron supplements - they really didn’t do much since I was carrying around what felt like a calf. I’d say just rest and enjoy the peace and quiet while it’s available and just get small things done, don’t push yourself

Don’t feel bad. Just rest. You will get your energy back. Take care of you and take some time for yourself before little gets here.

Don’t be worrying love you need to get plenty of rest now every woman is like that when they are near there time congratulation :heart::heart:

I drink peppermint tea with honey before bed time to help me sleep. Sometimes life gets too stressful.

I’m 31 weeks and feel your pain. I get sent home from work every other day bc I’m drained. I literally don’t have any motivation or strength to do much. I eat healthy I drink water. Small emails etc. I barley sleep at night due to being uncomfortable . This is my 4 th pregnancy and my first boy! I’m hoping they will let me go early since I will be a c section.

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Exhaustion is normal, however it may be worth asking your doctor to check your Vitamin D levels. Mine were way low and I felt much better once I started taking supplements to get them up again.