I Am 37 Weeks Pregnant and Bleeding with Clots, but Doctors Sent Me Home: Advice?


"So I’m 37 weeks pregnant. I went to the bathroom earlier, and I was bleeding with some blood clots. I went to the hospital as my lower back was cramping on and off.

The doctor and nurse I had were awful and contradicting. The doctor was upset that no one had checked to see if I was dilated but yet didn’t check me himself. The nurse was flirting with my boyfriend the whole time and told me to go home, take a hot bath.

The doctor said it is my mucous plug and sent me home. My back is still hurting a lot every few min on, then a few min off. Anyone have this happen or advice? I see my OB on Tuesday."

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“Go back to the hospital!!! I just lost my baby at 34 weeks that could have been prevented if I had followed my first mind. Go back.”

“I lost a baby at full term that could have been prevented if the hospital I was at had listened to me !! Please go back and demand to be checked over properly, nothing is more important than that precious cargo you are carrying.”

“As pretty much everyone said, go to a different hospital. That is NOT something to mess around with. Refuse to leave until you feel satisfied with what was done.”

“Honestly it sounds like your in labor! That is so crazy no one checked you and that they told you to take a bath! I delivered my daughter at 37 weeks and this is exactly what it was like! I would say go to a different hospital or go back to that one and request different people. Also, call your OB. They should have done that right when you got there. I don’t know where you went but they definitely dropped the ball.”

“Question: where is your OB in all of this? That should be the first call and the call after you leave. Not to mention the ER doc should be calling your OB. You should be sent to labor and delivery for monitoring. If you’re bleeding do not take a bath. Where the hell did you go???!?!”

“Hospital, now! Different one if possible. Something is happening, sounds like you’re having back labor, put your foot down, turn into mama bear, and don’t back down.”

“Go back or 2 a different one, the sent my sister home twice and she ended up having her baby on the bathroom floor. Thankfully they were all okay but it could have been much different Better to be safe.”

“Go to another hospital!! Something could be something wrong, that doctor is wrong not to check everything.”

“They most probably don’t want you there for COVID reasons, but sounds like you need to get advice go back or to another hospital (if local to you) or call 911. Please don’t leave it to go with your heart. Hope you and your baby both stay safe. Good luck.”

“Go to another hospital. I let the hospital send me home twice with my 4th bleeding because I’m too passive. Turns out my placenta had torn loose and he was restricted oxygen for 3 weeks before I was induced in an emergency when they found it.”

“Sounds like back labor. I felt like I had to poop but couldn’t then contractions came and went. Lost mucus plug a day or two before… some women don’t until they deliver. You very well might be having that baby! Good luck.”

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I havent had this happen but that sounds like it could be contractions. If you are very concerned I would consider getting a second opinion at another hospital or go to your regular obgyn if possible. I would def call your obgyn and tell them what is going on


Sounds like early stage labour


Maybe call the ob see if you get in earlier.

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Ur in labour right now


You need to go back to the hospital sweet, that’s not right that, go back soon as you can, refuse to move until your checked and have heard baby’s heartbeat :heart:


Get back to the hospital asap. It could be the placenta might be detaching which is what happened to me. (I was 33 weeks at the time)


Go back to the hospital x listen to your gut xx and refuse to leave .


I had back labor. Tell your dr

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Please call your ob and be seen by either the office or ER. You and the baby need checked.

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I’ve had bleed before my labour they keep me in to monitor me then was in labour hour’s after I would go back to the hospital just to be sure and that your unborn baby is fine dont let them fob u off ask questions if your not sure don’t let them make u feel uncomfortable

I would go straight back up the hospital they did the same thing to me with my 4th child & I refused to leave & not even 3 hrs later I had the baby

You need to return and demand to be checked or go to a different hospital , it sounds like you are in early labor ,but you need to be checked and the baby needs to be monitored.


Take care of you and your baby. Call dr. Go to hospital! Stand your ground. Fight for you and your baby!!!


Go to hospital, sounds like ur in labor.

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Please seek second opinion as soon as possible

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Go to a different hospital and call your OB asap.
“Bloody show” is not a heavy flow with clots.
It looks like it’s mixed with mucus.

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Is this a joke? Get to a dr. And leave your partner at home he is clearly no help. You are at risk right now, get going… Wtf.


Go to hospital and refuse to leave until they have checked you and your baby

Head to the ER and refuse to see that doc and nurse. Demand a new doctor and nurse