I am 37-weeks with a lot of pressure: Is that normal?

I’m 37 weeks and I’ve been having a lot of pressure/pain in my vagina. It feels like the baby is just going to fall out lol is this normal? I go to the doctor tomorrow but i want to hear your thoughts


Yes it’s normal! Your baby is getting ready to arrive! :heart_eyes:

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Yupp. I’m 38 weeks and it’s a lot of pressure, especially when sitting on the toilet. Ask your Dr to check you? I ended up being 1cm but my cervix is up high.

Normal. Your baby is head down in your pelvis ready to come out.

Definitely normal. Baby is descending for their big arrival.

Very normal. That last month is horrible

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Ha yes it’s normal #momof4

I’m almost 37 weeks with baby number four … I feel like I need to poop constantly from all the pressure. Baby is considered full term from 37 weeks anyway so not a problem after then if they do make an exit! X

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Yep it feels like you got a bowling ball about to fall out your vagina.

I’m 37+1 I feel the saaaame . This is baby #2 feels like my vagina is splitting lol . Having my c section in 13 days. :raised_hands:t2:

Not to scare you but that is exactly how I feel every time I’m about to give birth.

Definitely normal. Baby is head down. Boy do I remember that pressure. Lol

Yes it’s just pressure if the baby has turned it will be getting engaged with its head down

Yes. Try wrapping your belly with a Moby or something to raise the baby up

Yes that can be normal just keep an eye out with my third pregnancy my water broke at 37 weeks and 4 days

I felt that way from 35 weeks til the end (39+4) scared the crap out of me lol

Yep. Our middle one took up residents there. It was just the way that one was sitting. But yep it was really painful. It last about a week of him sitting like that, before he moved enough so I could get a little relief. Just about drove me nuts. Lol

You probably dropped. Your body is getting ready for labor!

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Yes! I felt like a bowling ball was weighing down when I walked. Baby came 6 days before due date.

Lightning crotch is the absolute worst. I had it with 2 out of 3 pregnancies . The 1st I didn’t because he was always breech