I am 38 weeks pregnant and it has been rough: Advice?

I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and this pregnancy has been really hard on my body throughout all nine months. I cannot wait until my daughter is born and am honestly looking so forward to NOT being pregnant anymore. I haven’t slept comfortably for more than 1.5 hours at a time in about two months. In my first trimester, I was throwing up and nauseous 24/7. I lost a bunch of weight. My iron is low, and I try to eat well (beans, rice, leafy greens, etc.) but constantly feel weak, and my muscle tone has completely depleted from being so ill all the time. I know to have a newborn, and depending on how hard the birth is, that will all come with its own complications, but what are some things that get better once you give birth? Are you able to get Comfortable once again while sleeping (even waking up for feedings, diapers, etc.) Can you breathe normally again? I just need something to look forward to getting through these last few weeks! Thanks, ladies!


Yes, once she is out you will feel better.


Yes lol! Once baby us born you will forget all the misery and have so much love for your new baby!

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The only reason you should lose sleep after the birth is from the baby needing something. Your body will feel better!

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First couple months are rough with breastfeeding and even if your not it will hurt to dry your milk up. I have a 5 months old and I’d say I was back to feeling more normal around 3 months PP. I also had low
Iron and was able to get iron infusions, it made me feel so much better!! I even got one in the hospital after delivering.

You will pick up weight once the baby come I was sick the whole nine months once I delivered I couldn’t stop eating

Yes you go back to normal. Except for sleep.


You will forget it all!! And you will love on your new babe, you will be healing as well but once that is done , everything will be nice with babe


I’m 12 weeks and one day and can’t sleep worth a crap neither and I pay for it the next day so I feel you

Yea i am 31 weeks and I have hypermesis and I have lost 34 pounds and I cant wait to have my baby girl in 9 weeks

You will feel better ! I was the same way . I would just cry third tri bc of how much pain I was in all the time . I told my husband I wanted to die lol. But after she was born the lack of sleep didn’t brother me because I actually sleep more somedays now that I’m not pregnant

Yes, the last couple months of being pregnant I couldn’t get comfortable or barely breath, I had to sleep sitting up pretty much. Even with getting up and feeding my son I was able to get comfortable an actually sleep for a little while.

You just described my pregnancy girl, I’m 37+4 but yes. Things go back to normal-ish. Sleeping gets easier, you get some of your energy back, your not nauseated anymore, and you get to cuddle with a beautiful newborn☺.

I was so amazed with my first how much better I felt once she was born and I no longer shared my torso with her. You have got this! Also when it comes to eating, don’t worry so much about what you eat if you aren’t able to eat much eat what you can. My doctor says if it’s hard to eat something eat anything as long as it’s food. Remember to sleep when baby sleeps.

Once that Baby is born you won’t care how you feel. You’ll love them so much, the pain won’t matter :sparkling_heart::blush: congratulations. Remember you didn’t work this hard for nothing. You must have a strong baby in there.

Everything feels better. Honestly pregnancy is a beautiful thing I mean your growing a life and it’s so miraculous. But I’m sorry I hate it. It’s uncomfortable and ur upset and it’s just tiring. Ever since I had my newborn I been so much better. I rather be tired because of lack of sleep with the baby then be pregnant tired. Totally different. I cut and burned my tubes I can’t do it anymore either. Ur almost done congratulations and you will feel better!!!

My entire pregnancy was awful. Like you, I was sick but mine lasted the whole 9 months. I was still having morning sickness while in labor. :face_vomiting::woman_shrugging:
I didn’t sleep well either. So much so that I would do laundry at night because I knew I would wake up when each load was done lol

All that to say, the SECOND my girl was out, I felt a million times better. The sickness ceased. I slept comfortably. I wasn’t out of breath anymore.
Promise, you will be the same! As soon as little one is out, it is so much better. Hang in there, you are so close! If you are that uncomfortable, ask your doctor to strip your membranes to induce labor. Rest up, walk, and finish last minute projects. Baby will be here before you know it. :blush:

Wishing you luck. Yes, you’ll breath normally again. You’ll sleep because you are exhausted. Your life will never be the same again and it’s so worth it! I can say this because my kids are thriving adults but they still turn to their mom occasionally. You will never stop worrying about them but you will rest easier knowing you’ve taught them the skills to handle life. Maybe your baby will be a sound sleeper and you can get some rest before she starts toddling! You’re going to be a GREAT MOM!

Once she is out you’re gonna feel a ton better. Don’t beat yourself up afterwards tho, delivery can be rough, being up all night with a newborn is taxing and breastfeeding can be hard. But you’ll see, that little girl will be SO worth it.
This coming from experience- I had hyperemesis gravadeium with my first, lost nearly 60lbs, could eat nothing for months, in and out of the hospital, vomited every single day from h the day I found out I was expecting to the day I delivered… I also had a terrible birth with back labor and 3 failed epidurals and made so much breastmilk I constantly felt drained.
BUT! All worth it. Everything. In fact I’m now on baby number 3 and this pregnancy has been a breeze!

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I felt like I couldn’t breathe constantly with my first, constantly had a blocked nose I swear to you as soon as he came out I was better again :joy: xx