I am 38 weeks pregnant and tested positive for COVID: Advice?

I tested positive for COVID and am 38 weeks pregnant; I am so concerned about the baby and want to know if anyone had covid and delivered and how was that like- was the baby healthy, did you have complications? I only have congestion at the moment, no other symptoms. Please help; my mind is racing thinking or worse case scenarios.


I’m 33 weeks and also just tested positive on 1/11. I’m also wondering all these things! My mind has been racing with uncertainty.

I’m sorry I don’t have any advice other than elderberry, vitamin d and possibly apple cider vinegar tablets to help boost your immune system. Prayers to you and the other pregnant mamas coping during this crazy time :heart::heart::heart:


Sending you prayers. I highly suggest you talk to your doctor before adding anything into your vitamins/supplements. A lot of what I have seen, the reason some people react badly to covid is due to their immune system over responding and attacking their own organs. Praying for the best outcome possible.


Treat it like you would any other sickness, if it gets bad, go to the hospital. Best advice, talk to your doctor. Good luck.


I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter and had it. She did spend 8 days in the nicu but I had pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. Her issues were very low blood sugar and she needed help breathing and was 3 weeks early. So not necessarily related. She is now 8 months old and is absolutely healthy! :revolving_hearts:


Ask your Dr. for advice

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I tested positive at 36 weeks and didn’t have any symptoms. Had my son at 39 weeks and he is healthy and had no issues at all. My OBGYN did recommend 1 baby aspirin a day to keep from getting blood clots that she said was common in pregnant women who test positive.


I tested positive at 36 weeks. I mainly had congestion.I had a cough, but it wasn’t too bad either. However I did lose my sense of taste and smell. I eventually lost my voice and couldn’t talk for about a week.
I deliver red my baby 3 days ago at 39+6.
She’s perfectly healthy! I wouldn’t worry about I too much because the stress is just as bad. Just stay in touch with your OB and let them know if anything changes!


I was 39 weeks and had it the week before my induction baby was perfectly fine, no complications at all. If you are worried, can always ask your doctor.

A positive is that your baby should be born with COVID-19 antibodies, protecting them from getting sick from someone else, after you deliver


I tested positive last week. 36 weeks pregnant, spoke to midwife and she was happy with how everything was going with my pregnancy so got told I wasn’t high risk etc.

Plus I had no symptoms, I had a cold and thought I’d be on the safe side. Still feel good now and I’m coming to the end of my isolation period

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Don’t let anxiety get to you! I did and it messed me up so bad! A month later I am still having bad anxiety/depression. I had two friends that got covid while pregnant in December. One of them delivered a healthy baby 2 weeks after testing positive and the other one got an ultrasound and baby is doing great. Take vitamin c w zinc. Lots of fluid. Like lots and rest. God willing you and baby will be good :two_hearts:

You will be just fine… it’s just a virus and it has to run its course.


My friends daughter and her husband came down w covid week of her due date her dr wanted to induce labor but she said no and had baby natural.she was so sick w fever during delivery but her baby was born perfectly healthy, he tested negative for covid.she also breast fed with no problems.

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I tested positive while in labor. Baby was tested 24 hours after birth and came back negative. I was still able to breastfeed (they actually recommended that I did) and keep baby in the room with me. We just weren’t allowed to leave our room until we were discharged. Try not to stress!

I tested positive as well as my husband while in labor last week. I had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours after he was born so that he could be tested. My son tested negative and hasn’t had any symptoms. I had sinus issues, lost taste and smell but that’s all. I was given medicine to help lower the chance of blood clots. Unfortunately my husband could only stay for my labor and then was asked to leave since he had covid. I was told that it’s rare for newborns to get it and if they do, symptoms are minor or non existing. Good luck mama!

Wishing you well try not worry​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: am 16 weeks pregnant :pregnant_woman::heart:

I am 37 weeks and just came out if quarantine we are fine dr was not concerned as long as I felt normal movement.

My friend was farther along and delivered normal and everything was fine.

You talk to your doctor and do what they tell you to… Basically the exact same thing you would do with ANY illness while pregnant…