I am 38 weeks pregnant and tested positive for COVID: Advice?

I’m 15 weeks pregnant and rested positive for covid. I’m about out of quarantine now. But my doctor just recommended lots of fluids. And told me to watch my shortness of breath. Thag if my shortness of breath got worse to ckme back asap. I lost my smell kept a constant headache and had sinus congestion and cough… just watch your breathing and keep hydrated congratulations :blue_heart::heart:

You need to talk to your midwife or ob about this so they can guide you through the process, tell you what to expect, ease your concerns, know you are freaking out, etc.

I tested positive during labor. The doctor said the baby would be fine and just wear a mask around the baby just in case but that they don’t get sick. I wore a mask around him at home until my quarantine was over. He was fine.

Im pretty sure my daughter in law had COVID at 30 weeks and my grandson was born a week early in April and very healthy

Have someone Pat your back it breaks up mucus in your chest…

I’ve heard of people having it and delivery perfect delivery baby came out healthy mom was fine

Talk to your Doctor if you are worried. Everything should be fine though.

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you should both be ok hope all goes well

I’m 35 weeks & just tested positive yesterday with no symptoms :woman_facepalming:t2:

Consult with your Dr.

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Currently 38 weeks preg…& when I asked my doc he said there hasn’t been ONE case where the mother had COVID and it effected the baby…I’m almost positive I had COVID at the beginning of my preg but I never went to get tested so I’ll never no for sure

What did your doctor say?

I was 35 weeks when I tested positive for Covid. I had sinus infection symptoms and loss of taste and smell. I got over it before I had my baby girl. It didn’t affect my baby girl at all. We both are doing great. My nurse did tell me to make sure I took a deep breath every hour it helps to prevent pneumonia from setting in. Also if you can have someone pat on your back to help break up the mucus. Also ask your doctor if it’s okay for you to take Mucinex and cold ezze. I did these things and it really helped with my symptoms. I also drank a lot of juice so I could get my vitamin c intake. I wish you the best of luck!!!

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I developed Covid at 30 weeks, I developed pneumonia and had to have an emergency csection at 31 weeks. My daughter was tested twice and was negative both times. Barely needed oxygen but for a few days. I caught a bad case of it, but most pregnant women are over it quick. My symptoms didn’t start until 8th day which my doctor said was the worst days

I’m 34 weeks now but Had Covid at 28 weeks and had mild symptoms like you. I was worried sick about my daughter. My doc moved my appointments to every week to just monitor her a bit. she has been nothing but healthy

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I know we have had people at the hospital deliver that have had it and their babys were okay. When did you symptoms start. You’ll probably be over it by the time baby comes cause most causes people symptoms are gone by day 10-12

I had covid while pregnant it doesn’t effect the baby my bby girl is healthy no complications

Talk to your OB doctor and in worse case scenarios can they deliver early. Ask all the questions you are feeling. If you are not satisfied with the answers get a second opinion.

I had covid a week before delivering my baby. I had no taste and no smell at all. Congestion and headaches. But thanks to God everything went great they tested my baby after he was born and he was negative. The only thing you have to stay at the hospital for at least 3 days and also you can only have one person in the room with you and can’t leave the room at all. Wish you all the best, and God bless you and your little one❤️everything will be alright!

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I had covid at 30 weeks. Mainly mild symptoms that resembled a sinus infection with ALOT of fatigue. Did loose my taste and smell. Smell still hasn’t fully returned. But both my self and baby are doing just fine! I would try not to worry too much about it unless you get a reason to. I personally know 3 other women who are pregnant and had the same experience I did. Try to stay calm and dont stress! :heart: