I am 38 weeks pregnant and tested positive for COVID: Advice?

I would talk to your doctor and DONT I repeat DONT google anything :joy:

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You’ll be just fine my dear, just follow up with your check ups, you and your baby will be just fine.

Just tested positive today, I’m 32 weeks and high risk. Have the loss of taste, smell, little bit of congestion in my chest and a pinch/burn in my nose that actually effects my eyes and make them water. Now to try my best and stay positive and try not to worry.

Why don’t you just talk to your doctor about it? After all their the ones that have been with you through the whole pregnancy and should know what’s best.

Most cases the moms that do have covid, don’t pass it to there baby’s. Now I’m not sure if they will have the baby separated from you and more in the nurses care until your negative. Or you husband would have to step up to help will you carefully recover and still feed your baby. Breast milk should be fine too

I have seen women who had covid while pregnant and babies are doing great