I am 47 and getting my period twice a month: Advice?

I’m 47 and now getting my periods two times a month just wondering if I should ask for the surgery as I’m fed up with this.


I’ve had mine 2 days to 6-8 weeks at a timto nothing for few day to week or months at a time since I was 12…I’m almost 30. My mom and her sister have had that too since their early 20s and they now mid 50s and doctors refuse.

I did that for about four or five months.then it just stopped and I havent had a period since. 6 months since last one dr thinks that was my menopause. I’m 46

Baby you are dropping eggs… the baby timer is working over time… so if you want another baby do it!
Because time is running out… if it’s not heavy bleeding no worries but if it’s heavy see your Dr. asap

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Sounds like you’re probably peri menopausal. I’d see your OB.

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That’s peri menopause and you would want to talk to your doc. They may put you back on a birth control to try to get it to slow down or not come at all. Sometimes they just monitor it. But itll be a bit before it stops (at least that’s what I’ve heard from those I know going through it)

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I sometimes have 2 or 3 a month sometimes I skip a month and sometimes normal asked dr Abt hysterectomy was told I’m still in early stages of menopause no reason for the surgery

personal! ask your doctor

Get your thyroid checked too!

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I’m 44 I just went through all that so I went to my OBGYN and had a hysterectomy almost 2 weeks ago

I’m 49 and I’m as normal as ever :confused:

Go see your primary care doctor. There might be something going on.

You can get an ablation and it helps


Periods are good they help keep you femenine and if periods stop dont women start getting more masculine ? Or is that a myth ? personally I’d want my period but I could understand how it could annoy someone for sure

Might be a sign of the change

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Your at age for menapause

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Go see a doctor. I started having mine twice a month last year at 45. Finally went to the doctor and had endometrial cancer

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I am 38 & have it twice a month& literally go through 3 boxed of Tampons, your are going through menopause. It is part of life.

Lol… There is a gynecologist u should be talking to.

Go see your obgyn could be cancer