I am 6-weeks-pregnant and bleeding but my levels are doubling: Thoughts?

I am 6.5 weeks along and have been bleeding for eight days and started with spotting and now regular flow and cramping. I’ve been to the doctors almost every day for ultrasounds and blood work. They keep just telling me I have to wait. My levels are doubling as normal, and they see the sac in my uterus. It’s just emotionally draining between some doctors telling me it’s a miscarriage and others saying it could just be an irregular pregnancy. Has this happened to anyone else?

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The cervix is very soft during this time. So it could be implantation bleeding or if ur having sex the bleeding could be from that

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I had a friend that had regular periods throughout. Healthy 8lb at term

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Yeah. My mom and sister both had regular periods for the first 4-6months of pregnancy and the pregnancy tests at the doctor’s office never came back positive until later in the pregnancy

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My daughter had this. It was the egg implanting in the uterus. We have our Elijah now.

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My aunt had her period for her entire pregnancy with her first daughter to the point they told her she miscarried and then 6 months after they told her that she gave birth to a very healthy little girl

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What about a sub chroniac hemorrhage? I’d also get your progesterone levels checked. I spotted and had a heavy flow of blood and extreme cramps. Turns out it was an SCH and super low progesterone. Pelvic rest and progesterone supplements for first trimester. Otherwise, healthy pregnancy.

If your hcg levels double then all’s okay (maybe a slight problem else where)if they don’t it’s pending miscarriage xx

It could be a molar pregnancy. That’s exactly what happened to me


I miscarried at 6 weeks. The first day bleeding (I was bleeding for over a week) my levels dropped severely. If yours are doubling, I’d say rest up and listen to your doctors.

I would request an ultrasound to make sure baby is ok

I have 3 children and I had bleeding episodes with the first 2. My very first pregnancy I was somewhere around 8 weeks I went to the bathroom used it normally but then I still felt and heard a stream. I looked and it was all blood. My dr basically told me if it increased or became painful to come in. I spotted a few more days and the pregnancy continued normally. The second pregnancy I just started spotting. It was dark and looked like what the end of a normal period would look like. That went on for more than a week and I went on to have a healthy baby. It really could be anything. Try not to worry yourself especially of your drs aren’t worried. Pregnancy affects everyone differently

Try in home pregnancy test from the drug store. Personally, I think it’s too much bleeding to be pregnant. Sorry :pray::pray::pray:

Could be a lot of things. Insist on testing progesterone levels and supplements.

I had this at 14 weeks and it was just a tiny spot where the placenta was separating from the wall. Normal but scary.

Stress levels and diet are huge contributors. Relax and eat from the earth be loved :heart::pray:t3:

I had bleeding throughout my pregnancy. It’s not technically a period although it does look like it. I had a blood pocket around my sac and they said it would either be absorbed by my body or shedded from my uterus. I was high risk because of it and monitored a lot.

If possible stay in bed and rest. This was similar to me, it worked for me

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Sounds familiar.

My pregnancy was ectopic pregnancy. My embryo was growing in my fallopion tube instead of my womb. I have to terminate my pregnancy and removed my rupture fallopian tube to save my life.

Take care & be strong emotionally/mentally.
Sending lots of :heart::heavy_heart_exclamation:

They told my colleague to relax it’s normal to bleed during pregnant a week after when she go back to the clinic they told her it’s a mascarriage