I am 6-weeks pregnant and found out I have a subchroinic hematoma: Advice?

I’m pregnant with my 2nd, around 6 weeks. My primary did an ultrasound on me, she called with the results of me having subchroinic hematoma. I go into my gynecologist a week from today. Has anyone else had this?


I had one with one of my pregnancies… my was quite large and ruptured several times causing a lot of bleeding at random times. I sadly had a miscarriage but my doctor said that was unlikely the cause because they are quite common. It’s basically just a build up of old uterine lining.

I have and I now have a healthy 2 year old prepare for extra ultrasounds most likely

I had one that ruptured at 7 weeks, it was terrifying. I had an ultrasound every 2 weeks to measure it and got put off of work. By 13 weeks it had shrunk down to the size of a blood vessel. I’m 19 weeks and they’ve put me on a normal schedule. My little guy is right on schedule, even though we were pretty shook up.

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I had this with all of my pregnancies actually.

Yep, very common, usually dissolve!

I had it with my 2nd and now with my 3rd. Both times they told me mine were really small and nothing to worry about they said it’s usually gone by my anatomy scan and they were right the first time. I’m only 13 weeks with this one so I’m not sure on this one yet but my last pregnancy I didn’t have no complications with it and I had a wonderful labor and delivery!

Had it with all three of my pregnancies. Bed rest for a couple weeks and pelvic rest, but all should be ok

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I had this at 16 weeks with my third pregnancy, I was just gushing blood everywhere and terrified! It completely resolved by 28 weeks and absolutely no harm to my baby. :heart:

I had one with numbers 2,3 and 4! Quite common and they tend to heal up before 20 weeks x

Had it with my youngest. Mine was particularly severe, did not reabsorb like most do. Heavy bleeding from 8-13 weeks and again at 18-21 weeks. Hospitalized once for threatened miscarriage. Put on bedrest during both bleeding sessions for 4 weeks each time. Pelvic rest the entire pregnancy, zero sex, zero orgasm. Partial placenta abruption during labour. Healthy rainbow baby born naturally 3 days early at 7.8 pounds!

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I did with my 2nd pregnancy…did a ultrasound to see if everything was ok because I kept bleeding and found it. I bled from 6-12 weeks and then it stopped.

The doctors found mine at 7 weeks and described it as a bruise from implantation. The perinatal doctors told me to take it easy and don’t do heavy lifting or strenuous exercise. But the next ultrasound it was resolved. I just had my daughter healthy last week.

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I had two large ones with my second pregnancy! They were underneath my daughter and were tripling in size every ultrasound and started spotting around 12 weeks. I went in for a scan a few days later and they were both resolved and gone! My dr told me they’re more common than we realize because a lot of ob’s don’t even order scans unless absolutely necessary before 20 weeks and by that point they’re almost always resolved.

I had this with my current pregnancy. It’s actually pretty common and it goes away on its own . I bled from 6 weeks to 9 weeks and by my 12 week ultrasound it was healed .

I did very early in my pregnancy I thought I was having a miscarriage there was so much blood
…they said it was a subchorionic hemorrhage…it last till the 2nd trimester but the pregnancy was fine

I had with my third had my daughter at 23 weeks 1 day

I had a subchorionic hemorrhage I was bleeding off and on till I got into my second trimester then it stopped. It’s very scary but it was cuz my placenta was laying low it moved up before I had my baby. Good luck tho

I had a sub chorionic hemorrhage (think it’s the same thing) at 13 weeks with my second pregnancy, it was never noticed on any of my ultrasounds. I started bleeding HEAVY and thought I was having a miscarriage so I went to the er. I bled heavy for about 12 hours and the lightly for a couple days. My baby boy was fine and is now a happy healthy 3 month old :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve had 2 you’ll be fine and so will the baby :slightly_smiling_face: