I am 7 weeks pregnant and started spotting: Advice?

I’m currently pregnant with my second child, seven weeks along. I started spotting this morning. It was brown and not a lot. I called my doctor’s office, and they said as long as it’s not bright red, and I’m not cramping, then I’m fine. It is now turning redder. Still not a lot, not transferring to my panties, only when I wipe. Should I be concerned? Should I go to the hospital? I’m a nervous wreck because I struggle to get pregnant, and I’ve also never experienced this before.

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i would go to the hospital have them run some tests and do an ultrasound to be safe.

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Rest, put your feet up

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I had full period like implantation bleeding with my 2 pregnancies. Babes were all fine.

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I had light bleeding through my first trimester. I would call the dr again just to be safe.

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If you’re worried, go to the hospital. I’m sure you’d rather go to the hospital to be told all is normal than leave it thinking there’s nothing wrong and then something happens.

You know your body better than anyone else. :heart:


Always go get checked out. Better to be safe.
Also, I feel like if it’s concerning you enough to ask here, then you know the answer you just needed validation of those feelings.

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I had light brown then to light red/pink with my daughter during implantation. But I had a blighted ovum with my second pregnancy and that was bright red blood around 7-8weeks. It’s better to just go to the hospital and have it checked hun! Theyll give you an ultrasound and if nothing is wrong it will give you peace of mind.

Im now pregnant for the third time, with my second viable baby. At 17 weeks, I still go to my doctor and the hospital for anything out of the normal because it makes me stress

I bled on and off from week 4 to 7 with my 2nd as well. I called my ob and they sent me to get my hcg level checked. Im currently 17 weeks and everything is going well. If you ever feel like something is wrong, please go checked out. I always say better safe than sorry
Good luck!!:heart:

I had this at 7 weeks, I was told the sac wasn’t attached properly and said it was 50/50 on whether the pregnancy would continue… I bled till 12 weeks and now have a healthy happy beautiful nearly 5 year old. If you are concerned then get checked hun xx

I had brown spotting when wiped and it wasn’t a viable pregnancy at 9 weeks

I’d go… better to be safe than sorry. If you’re concerned… go even if it’s for your peace of mind.

Go get checked out.Better to be safe.

Have your progesterone checked. Also you can go get checked but honestly if you are going to miscarry they can not do anything about it. It may be nothing. I had one of my pregnancies that I had an " irritated cervix " and carried her full term

Everyone’s different. I’d go get checked better to be safe and out your mind at ease or you will constantly think about it and not stress yourself out which isn’t good either. Hope all is OK :heart:

I had this happen and did go to the hospital and was told there is nothing they can do for me, if I was going to miscarry they couldn’t do anything this early. I bled until I was 13 weeks pregnant but now have a healthy 16mo old daughter. If it was me having dealt with this once I personally wouldn’t go but you have to do what you feel is best for you. I wish you luck!!

When this happened with me I miscarried within 12 hours. Praying for you though :heart:

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It’s definitely possible it could be nothing. Having the progesterone checked might be a good idea. If you are worried you can go bad have it checked out. There may not be anything they can do but at least you will know.

I had something called a subchroinic hematoma. They said this caused my spotting and would until the second trimester.

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Call labor and delivery to get checked. I had heavy red bleeding at 12 weeks but it was a subchorionic hemorrhage that passed on its own and there was no cramping at all that I can recall.