I am 7 weeks pregnant and started spotting: Advice?

I’m currently pregnant with my second child, seven weeks along. I started spotting this morning. It was brown and not a lot. I called my doctor’s office, and they said as long as it’s not bright red, and I’m not cramping, then I’m fine. It is now turning redder. Still not a lot, not transferring to my panties, only when I wipe. Should I be concerned? Should I go to the hospital? I’m a nervous wreck because I struggle to get pregnant, and I’ve also never experienced this before.


Get checked. Mine started out like that and sadly I had a miscarriage


Get it checked out. I had something similar to that happen the first time I got pregnant and it was an ectopic pregnancy.

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I have spotted in pregnancy between 7 & 9 weeks and carried to term fine. I’ve also lost a baby without spotting. Just go to the doctor to ease your mind. Worry won’t do any good & our opinions won’t ease your mind. Best of luck.


When in doubt, check it out. Go to the er.


I would go just in case that happened to me twice when I was later on and my placenta was detaching and with my son I got a uterine infection which caused a pinkish spotting

If it is turning redder you should call your doctor again and tell him that.

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Spotted with all three pregnancies. The second one ended in a miscarriage. Sometimes spotting is normal and sometimes its not. There really isn’t anyone they can do for you at 7 weeks. If the spotting gets heavier or you start cramping go to the doctor.

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I had spotting throughout my entire 2nd pregnancy on and off. Ended up having no issues. Healthy full term baby.

I bled early into my pregnancy and I carried my baby. Could be implantation bleeding. :woman_shrugging:t2: Every woman is different. :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3: Good luck mama

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As a nurse, I would recommend going to the ER and getting checked out especially with your history. Never hurts to be safe.


Get checked. I spotted for a month before I miscarried (not saying that’s what happening) If you feel cramps DEFINATELY go in even if you don’t find them painful.

I spotted brown and light pink with all my pregnancies in the very beginning. My 2 miscarriages all started with mild cramping, spotting, and then bleeding.

It’s not always miscarriage but that’s a risk I had spotting about 4 weeks then bled bright just for a few hours turns out I had a hematoma which is blood built up by the placenta.

I bled for no reason for 8 months with my oldest. Sometimes our bodies are weird. If you’re concerned though, I would go.

Implantation bleeding… lay down if you feel like your cramping… but if its not alot… you’re good

I had that with my second. Went to ER 4x, and had a huge clot fall after some weeks. After that, nothing and I carried her to term. Go in anyways, always go in and get checked. They can do an intravaginal ultrasound.

I bled when I was pregnant and I didnt no I classed it as my period and it wasnt it was implantation bleeding probably around 5-7weeks when it happened. I was nearly 16weeks when I found out I was pregnant

I had two full periods during my first trimester. Definitely call and let your doctor know, but don’t let yourself worry without reason. Best of luck mama❤️

Hospital don’t ask questions go go go