I am a babysitter and people keep canceling: Advice?

What should a sitter do when you are canceled on? I have had three cancellations in the last two days. I am thinking about asking for a deposit for Friday-Sunday nights because these are the busy date nights, so when people cancel, I loose out on a job, and my other clients that wanted care for date nights lose out as well. I am usually booked 1-2 weeks out and have many amazing clients. But new ones seem to cancel often. I have also been providing daycare for nine years now professionally and haven’t seen near as many cancellations as I have this year.


Ask for a deposit, or charge for last minute cancellations as you change your plans to babysit

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With covid, I’m not sure you could do it, but maybe you could ask for up front payment? Then if it’s canceled bcuz or covid, don’t charge them? Idk

If they are a new client explain how those nights are your busiest so you will be requesting a deposit in order to book your services. I wouldn’t necessarily require that of you “usual” clients though


You prepay at daycare centers. Develop daycare type rules and a contract.

I’m not a sitter … but that sounds fair

Stop dealing with those who cancel a lot. After 3 cancels then you’re sorry you cant keep them as a client


I bet covid is part of the.problem

Be like a daycare. Pay a week in advance or days in advance. You should be getting paid if they are there or not. If this is your income then it doesn’t matter if they cancel because they’ve already paid you. This is how people get away with not having to pay. Or say well they didn’t come this day so im not paying you for this day. It doesn’t work like that and if they went to a daycare or drop in care they would still have to pay. This is your income.

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You could definitely ask for deposit on last minute cancellations but that also has a lot to do with the pandemic. If their plans get canceled on them then they may not need you. Outings are very limited right now.

For weekends, I think it’s fair to ask for a non refundable deposit. Just explain to them that you’ve had cancellations and had to say no to others and you ended up being out on both ends. I think it’s very reasonable…

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Don’t take it personally COVID-19 has caused many to cancel plans. But a non-refundable deposit sounds fair

23 yrs ago my sitter got paid if I canceled was off for vacation ect. I know its hard times but enough is enough. Your the boss call :telephone_receiver: the shots. If they cancel and don’t pay don’t hold there spot!!! This is how u make a living too…

Definitely ask for non refundable deposit from now on

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Lots of professions have this same problem! Think about hairdressers


Awesome idea. Deposit and if they cancel within 24 hours or less prior they lose it.


I think a deposit for new clients and for existing clients if they cancel more then 3 times with less then 72 hours notice they would need to pay deposits.

Those who won’t pay a deposit are those who would probably cancel on you. I’d ask for a deposit.

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Daycare has it if child isn’t there they still get paid unless it is a legitimate excuse…I would make up a deposit…If cancelled NO refunds…

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You could always tell them your regular rate will go up with each cancellation.

It may be tough to get people to give you a deposit if you haven’t worked for them before, but you could at least turn down the work if they don’t and you have other options. Maybe tell them if they don’t want to put down a deposit, that’s fine, but they’ll get bumped if you have another opportunity that’s guaranteed. Finding good and reliable sitters isn’t easy! You definitely should be getting compensated for the cancellations. Whenever I would have to cancel on sitters (which was rare), I’d always make it up to them the next time.