I am a FTM and 31 weeks pregnant, my doctor is already suggesting a c-section: Advice?

So I am currently 31 weeks, my due date is Dec 7. I just came back from an ultrasound and according to that my baby is measuring quite big for his GA. He is measuring closer to 35 weeks and is weighing in at 5lbs 11oz. His growth is literally off the charts (according to the ultrasound tech), greater than the 98th percentile. I just had an ultrasound 3 weeks ago and in that time he gained 2lbs 2oz. My Dr is already recommending that I get a scheduled C-section because he will be so big by the time he is near term. She says she does not think he will come any earlier, just that he will be very big when he gets here. Now, my question is this: have any moms had similar experiences to this and your baby came out at a normal weight? I asked the ultrasound tech how accurate the ultrasounds are and she said very. I am not against having a c-section but I am a little sad that I won’t get to experience labor. I would be upset if I had the c-section and he came out at a “normal” weight. I am a first time mom and this whole situation has me a little freaked because even my Dr seemed so surprised by his rapid growth. Any advice would be so appreciated! Thanks!


I have heard a lot of dr.s say this and baby comes out normal weight.


They are not accurate when it comes to weight. My son was measuring “big” and was 7 lbs at 36 weeks. He came out 3 days late at 6 lbs 7 oz. My daughter was measured the day she was born and was supposed to be 4.5-5 lbs and she was 7 lbs 11 oz. I would not schedule a csection for a big baby.

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As a person who had a c-section, I iplore of you to ONLY have a c-section if absolutely medically necessary. And the weights are never correct that they give


I’m a personal believer in allowing nature to run its course. No reason to rush or force anything. If his size causes complications at delivery they can do a c- section then. Honestly, a lot of doctors seem to be pushing scheduled c- section/ induction, even weeks early, because it’s what is convenient for them.


They told me my baby would be over 9lbs at birth. He was only 7 1/2 but I still ended up needing emergency c-section but not because of that. That’s just an estimate don’t freak yourself out. If you don’t need induced at 39 or induced period, I wouldn’t. Let nature run its course

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The doctor cant even fully say the weight of a baby… my son was supposedly weighing 8 pounds. He came out 6lbs 2oz

On my 5th baby born on the 25/01/19 from 30 weeks they said she was going to be a huge baby I went into labour 3 days early and she was only 8lbs 2 and half ounces so dont look to much into it xx

C section will keep your kitty pretty. :grinning:


My first son measured big and he was. I am pregnant with my second and he is measuring big. We have a csection schedule for oct 31st. But only reason because I have high blood pressure and diabetic. So having him 3 weeks early

They made me wait with my son, ultrasound said 6 lbs, 2 weeks later when I delivered he was right at 9, had shoulder dystocia, and I had a really rough delivery. It can be done, but listen to your gut and discuss it more with your doctor.

They are not always accurate my 1st born measured less the 7lbs 3 days before he was born…ended up needing a csection and he was 9lb at birth.

My 1st they were wrong he came out a pound and half smaller than what they said he was the day before.
My 2nd they were right on track with her

my babes weighed 9# each,it was rough but natural birth

Ultrasound can be +- a pound. My first baby was 8lbs 11.4oz, second was 8lbs 3oz, and third was 9lbs 5oz. All 3 were vaginal births! You got this momma. Stick to your guns. Get a second opinion!

I was told I was having a huge baby. My doctor suggested a c-section. She ended up inducing me a week early and baby was around 8lbs. I was told he would be around 10lbs. The ultrasounds unfortunately are not 100% correct. I would wait!

Ultrasounds arent 100% accurate. Tell your dr you want to try vaginal and if for some reason you can’t, then talk about a c section.

So not accurate
They estimated 2 of my babies at 10 pounds plus. They were 8.

At both my 28 and 36 week scans my bub was measuring 5 weeks ahead and at 36 weeks they said he was 8p, i was induced at 39 weeks as my OB was worried about bubs size and he was 9p 7o at birth…

I had diabetes when I was pregnant and my baby weigh 10 lb