I am a loss dealing with my 7 year olds behavior: Advice?

Help! I’m at a total loss. My seven year old keeps acting out, not listening, and back talking. Her attitude is horrendous. We have tried a few punishment techniques, but nothing phases her. I’m now to the point of being stressed about it that I’m having health problems. I don’t eat much, don’t drink much, and can’t sleep. My stomach hurts to the touch, and I feel sick constantly. Can anyone share with me some discipline techniques you use?


I dont have advise unfortunately bc I sadly feel your pain with every single thing you have said… I mainly just came here to give you an internet hug. I’m kinda at my with end in a way too personally… mine is a really good kid overall and been through a lot and handled it greatly. But as you said the attitude and back talk etc is just sooo high now days


Look up 1 , 2 , 3 magic. Its an amazing discipline plan. Works amazing with defiant kids. There’s also another book called " my defiant child" highly recommended by our therapist and psychiatrist


When I was younger we got butts whooped. Werked wonders


Nothing a good spanking won’t cure


If she has a phone take it away . Take her bedroom door off. No TV. No friends over. She isn’t the parent you are. Ass whoopin , wash mouth out with bar of soap. Ya don’t need a book . Need to put your foot down…

The most important part of parenting is consistentsy!!! Don’t make threats you won’t follow through with. If you make a threat follow through. Always follow through. Watch supper nanny on youtube!!


Connection and healing is key. Punishment doesn’t HELP the root of the problem. Punishment is a bandaid.


Our Therapist had us stop responding to our daughter when she acted out. When she realized the attention she was seeking was not going to come the tantrums got shorter and stopped. I remind her when she talks back that I do not speak to her that way and she shouldn’t be doing it to me. If there is something she won’t listen to I try to re-approach it in a different way. My daughter is 8 and is testing boundaries. Its really a difficult time but definitely stand your ground.


Highly recommend the book “how to talk so kids will listen”

I threaten mine with taking away stuff. Just keep taking stuff away one by one till they stop. I used to spank mine but now he’s getting a little too old for that.

Maybe she needs someone to talk to ? Get down to the root of the problem. Maybe she needs some connection ? A one on one? Spanking is not the answer I promise you. Back talking may get worse and she may get frustrated and can lead to worse behavior. Talking by my own experience growing up.


One thing that helps me with my difficult child is to not respond to negative behavior, don’t argue with a child. Don’t acknowledge them when they’re misbehaving. Positive reinforcements. I don’t give “second chances” and he only gets one warning, when asked to do anything. He is only 5 but he is very smart and very aware of his own behavior. I speak to him directly and let him know his behavior is unacceptable. I always explain to his the consequences of his actions. It has taken time but he is at a point now where if I ask him to brush his teeth and he says no, I simply take away whatever has him busy, he will throw a fit for a second and go do what I expect of him. In the moment of his fit I ignore it and it ends quickly. I do not return his toys or iPad even after he’s done what is expected so he understands that next time he should do what he’s asked right away if he wants to continue playing. I always hug/kiss, and tell him I love him. I tell him I am proud and hope he is proud of himself when he does listen. When he does not understand something I do my best to explain in a way he will understand.

Definitely dont reward her for bad behavior.

My six year old son reacts when I explain to him how his actions effect others. Very rarely do I have to punish but when I do I just take away his video games and he straightens up real quickly. He has to earn them back. Don’t listen to “just hit them” that’s a weak parenting move. It won’t help you get your child to behave it’ll simply damage your relationship. I’m not saying that I’ve never spanked my kids, I’m saying I have and I regret it. My oldest came to me and told me hitting doesn’t work because then he doesn’t learn, he just thinks about his butt hurting.

Whoop some ass! We all got it when we were younger and we for the most part turned out fine!
Whoop some ass she will be fine too and she will learn to straighten up!

1 good smack on the bare bottom with your hand make it sting a little bit that all you need


If done properly only one time was needed.

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Take her to a nutritionist. Talk to her doctor too. There’s always an underlying causes to why people act the way that they do.

Corporal punishment never helped anyone

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