I am a nervous wreck at the thought of leaving my baby over night: Advice?

My husband and I wanted to go out Saturday without kids; we have a seven years old, three years old and 11-month-old…I have never been away a night from my baby (11 months old) I want to go and enjoy a night out, but I’m a nervous wreck about leaving my baby. He will be in safe hands with my mom, who’s been begging to watch him. Do any other mamas deal with separation issues? Please don’t judge me; I haven’t had a night away from my kids since I can remember. Thank you.


But you have left your other kids and they have been fine


Yes and j still have them . My kids are 4 and 7 ans I have serious trust issues. I really can’t stand the thought of my kids being in others care . Even with schools etc . Mind you I’ve even got house camera systems that hear and see everything and I can speak to my boys through the caneras loll. Weird thing but at least I know they’re totally safe :wink:

Girl, go. They will be fine. Nothing wrong with taking time to spend with your husband.


I know what you mean because I was like that with my son and he’s 9 months. I’m a single mom and dad isn’t in the picture. So first time I ever left him over night with my family, I was blowing up my moms phone every hour to see how he was. It’s completely normal, but rest assured that your baby will be fine. As long as you let your mom know any specifics about feeding, naps, sleeping schedule/routine it’ll be fine.

Breath. Your mom has experience and only a phone call away. Couples need adult time too.

Your momma did fine by you, go out enjoy yourself and your husband. Text often if you need to stay connected.

I do have separation anxiety too. I am a SAHM of 2 under 2. I have yet to let anyone keep my kids except my sister that lives with us and my mom once of twice when I had no other choice. Tried day care and my daughter came home looking like she got hit in the face and being in the “baby” room I said never again.

You need to be husband wife not just mom and dad. :heart:


I completely understand. I’ve never been away from my kids and they are 3yrs old and 10 months. Outside of work and that’s it. But I had a business trip that required me to be gone for a week. Obviously I couldn’t bring my kids. I decided to go on the business trip because it was beneficial financially for me and my kids, and being a single mom, the only parent, and no child support, I had to go, I needed it. It took a lot for me to be gone. I cried every night I video chatted with them. But my parents had my kids. And I knew they were safe with them. A night out is healthy. Every parent needs a night out every once in a while.

I’m 100% guilty of this very same thing. We’ll hire a nanny for 2 hours for date night and I can’t wait to get home to her after an hour. I work full time, but I leave her at home with my husband. My little is 11 months too

Honey, it’ll be fine! You’re not leaving them with a stranger, it’s your mama. Call, if you need to to put your mind at ease but try to go and have a nice time too. You’ll be happy you did and you’ll see everything will be ok!:heart:

Go out and enjoy yourself, with cell phones you can check in if you need to, it’s understandable that you will nervous but you’ve left your other kids and they have been fine and so will your baby.

I was the same with my first. The first 2 yrs he only slept in his bed. We’d go out for a few hours but we always went back and picked him up. Now my second, was less than a yr. :woman_shrugging: They are now 4 and 2 and I still miss them and regret leaving them anywhere when we do. I always second guess the decision even though I know they are fine.

I understand completely. I have three kids also. Eight years old. Three years old and 13 month old. For the first time last weekend my fiancé and I went away overnight while my parents watched my oldest and my MIL watched our two youngest. I haven’t been away from my kids overnight in a couple years. Let me tell you though. It was definitely something i needed since I’m a stay at home mom. I’m already planning a night out again in February lol. Do it!

It was hard for me to leave my baby overnight too. I texted my mother in law constantly to make sure he was fine. She sent me pics too. It helped. My significant other supported me and understood. Over time, i have a lot of confidence that everything is fine with leaving him overnight/day with my mother in law. :slight_smile: The first time is the most difficult. You can always call for the reassurance and get pics if possible.

If you find out the secret please let me know… my LO will be 3
and has never stayed with the grandparents. Other than work I barely leave him even going to dinner makes me nervous

Totally understandable. We started leaving my 10 month old with my dad around 6 months old for a night here and there. Thankfully we did that transition because I’m due with his little brother in a few weeks. He’s kept him a full weekend recently because of a hospitalization so I know now when I give birth he will be just fine. He loves being at grandpa’s and I think sometimes I miss him more than he misses me. The first night was the hardest, I think I checked in every few hours.

Mine is 2 and a half and ive only left her over night one time. The separation anxiety is real over here. Lol

Yes, my oldest is 7 and my youngest is 11mos, I let my 7 year old spend the night with family and I have separation anxiety but I know she’s having fun so I roll with it lol. Your babies will be fine mama, go out and enjoy yourself. But I totally get where you’re coming from because I haven’t let my 11month old stay the night anywhere lol cuz he’s my baby lol.