I am a new mom: Advice?

Hello. I am going to be a new mom; I am currently almost 20 wks. I feel like I know nothing, am I supposed to be reading books? Going to classes? Does anyone have any tips/advice for a new mom? Any good resources? I don’t even know where to start; I am very excited but at the same time kinda freaking out and don’t feel it’s real. I have not purchased a single item for the baby. I feel like everyone is telling me what to do, and I don’t really about it. I know I will be overwhelmed, so I’m avoiding.


Most people go with the flow. Books and classes arent really necessary as it comes naturally. The supplies however (diapers, formula, clothes) should definitely be planned ahead. If you have a baby shower you will get 90% of the stuff you need. If you dont have a shower I would definitely stock up on 3-6 month clothes and size 1 diapers.

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If you know what hospital you will be delivering at, contact them and see if they have any classes or resources for you. That helped with my first born when I didn’t have family near me.

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Yes, go to birthing classes and read all the books you can. There is no such thing as too prepared.

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It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed. But reading what to expect when you’re expecting and the first year is super helpful to new parents. I was pregnant in 1994 and was only 18. I took a parenting class at the hospital. And I had my mom and grandma for advice and helpful tips.

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Check with ur local health department they usually have pare t classes and pamplets

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It helps to brush up on baby care. The nurses at the hospital are a great resource. It comes naturally though.

I had tons of books & didn’t read them. I didn’t take many classes, but I did go on the Hospital Tour as well as took the breastfeeding class, which was SO helpful! However, I got ALL of the information I needed, as well as support from new and experienced moms, from joining various apps & forums. I suggest looking at the apps The Bump, What to Expect (when you’re expecting), Baby Center, and finding New Mom support groups on FB! That’s all I needed! I joined in the middle of my pregnancy & was able to find community forums within those apps based on my son’s birth month (like the “May 2019 Babies Club”). I could ask questions & also see what other moms were going through so I didn’t feel so crazy! The support continues even after you deliver; most of those apps send you emails that go over milestones, tips for what your baby might be going though, etc. I highly recommend downloading those apps and signing up for their newsletters!!

Also, if you start a registry with Amazon, once you have it you’ll find lots of checklists with links to ideas for what you’ll need to get your baby!! I added way too much to my registry, but it was so nice to have ideas all in one place. I actually did NOT get most of what I needed from my baby shower, but was able to get things off my list and use my discount code. Target is another great place to start a registry (more discounts)!

Oh i remember that feeling!!! It can seem really overwhelming, but hang in there!:hugs: I’m a mom of 3 and I never read any books, I did take birthing classes though… mostly because I was afraid of the birth! Lol :joy::rofl: the best advice I can give is to take advantage of the advice from those who have been through it and if books and classes make you more comfortable, do it!! Don’t feel bad for asking questions or for choosing what’s right for you and your baby!! And definitely stock up on baby items, especially diapers, wipes, and formula if you choose to formula feed! Just remember, it’s your baby and this is new to both of you so cut urself some slack and you’ll figure it out!
Best wishes and congratulations! :heart::blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a great book. but mostly when the time comes, trust your gut and go with it. You’re not going to be a perfect parent, no one ever is. We all learn from our mistakes and become better for it.

It will come naturally. I took classes at the hospital to help me mentally prepare because I’m an anxious person. My husband read a few books because he wanted to, but really it’s all unnecessary. You will do great!

Don’t you have family, mother, sister, aunt or friends that have a child that can give you help. You will be surprised how your mother instincts will kick in once your child is born. After you are further along you will be given a baby shower. You register at whatever store you want listing what you need. Do this before you go buy a bunch of stuff so you don’t get a bunch of duplicates. You can read books but most is hands on lessons. It can be overwhelming for a new mom but you will be fine. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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You can read books and watch videos etc. But hands on is how you will learn. Know the basics CPR etc. The rest will come naturally

I never even held a baby until I had my first… it really does come naturally.

If you ask me birth is the easy part. Sleep deprivation was the hardest. My suggestion is that you should read books that give you sound advice on actually taking care of the baby.
I liked " sleep baby basics" and happiest baby on the block". They were a tremendous help.
Prepare for all sorts of scenarios when it comes to dealing with a new born. Some sleep all the time, some only sleep during the day then they are up all night, some want to live on your breast 24/7 and some want to eat every hour and a half around the clock.

Its normal to feel nervous. Start with making a list of things baby will need, (there are definitely good lists online), at 20 weeks i personally started buying a pack of diapers weekly , talk to the ob/gyno for birthing classes, there are even apps If you’d prefer to use them instead of classes. There’s baby care videos and apps as well ,around 25 weeks I usually start meal preparations and freezing them so that part isnt overwhelming for awhile, around 30 weeks is a good time to have a hospital bag ready. Good luck and congratulations😊.

Go to a 1st responder class at least learn CPR and the heimlich. Kids are always putting crap in their mouth. Talk to your local wic office. Even if you don’t qualify for wic they offer so many classes even online! Your OB will also have a ton of info for you

Once the mother instinct sets in…it will come naturally…everyone worries and frets its natural…but go with the flow and enjoy your pregnancy:) its the only special moment when the baby is solely yours xxx

Baby needs some clothes, diapers (whichever works for y’all), food, a place to sleep and a car seat. I suggest researching now whether you want to long term rearface or not so you can start putting money aside for the right car seat once kiddos out of the bucket seat. And I’d suggest a swing. If you want notes hands on practice get a large baby doll to practice diaper changes and wrapping, putting them in a carrier, car seat properly, etc. parenting classes prob aren’t happening normally.

And don’t listen to people who insist they need alone time with baby to bond. Be prepared to set boundaries with people and don’t feel bad enforcing them!

I never read a book or went to class its crazy how it literally just comes to you. And after having my baby i am so happy i didnt read books and stuff about it! I would be so paranoid about every thing! just remember BABIES ARE ALL DIFFERENT. Some eat more than others. Some learn to walk crawl and talk faster than others. Some eat more than others. They develope so different from baby to baby!