I am a SAHM who feels isolated: Advice?

Please don’t judge me. I feel bad enough about myself. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’m a stay at home mom which is amazing! I love my babies so much. But being isolated all of the time has taken a toll on me. There are times I don’t leave the house for days at a time. I’ve lost almost all of my friends, so the only adult conversation I ever have is with my husband. The worst part is, I only have one person who can watch my children (my husbands mom)so we can have a break, and she works full time. My own mom says she loves them to everyone she talks to, but never proves it. She can go literal weeks without calling and asking about them, when she does see them (I’m always there)she starts acting like she can’t stand my sons and only acts close to my daughter. She always has an excuse as to why she can’t watch them for me. And usually all I’m asking for is for her to come over while I take a shower by myself. Please don’t take this as I can’t handle being a mom. I love being a mommy! It’s given me so much to live for! But sometimes, I just feel so alone and tired and would love nothing more than a date night with my husband. Does anyone else deal with this? It’s comforting to know I’m not alone.


Do you drive and have a car to take them out to parks a cafe McDonald’s for a treat a museum

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Yes I went through something similar. Do you have a car? Makes things easier, I would just walk around grocery stores when my son was super little. He’s a little older now and I let him run around the kids section at the book store, visit petsmart to look at the fish, look up local events for kids on Facebook and bring him there. Anything to get out of the house for a bit! It gets easier, keep pushing through!

🙋 sahm right here. I honestly go to the store alot. I break up my grocery shopping so i can get out of the house. I have 2 kids and dont have a sitter. Date nights include our kids. Even walking in the mall helps and get us out of the house.

Yes. Every day. You are not alone.

Are there parent organizations in your area that have babysitting resources? Other parents that could exchange occasionally babysitting services would be helpful. Also, other parents that need social interaction.

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I’m a grandma of 3 children :heart: I’m always available to watch my grandchildren :heart: I love my daughter in-law and son! We have an awesome relationship! I pray for all to accept our precious children and parents

Do lil mommy n kid classes. You’ll meet more moms that know of places etc.

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See if you can met parents of kids ur age n do play dates different for kids n u n other mom’s can hang out n talk

Definitely not alone. My husband is usually to busy talking to friends so i get no adult convos. I feel your pain

Yes but no partner or anyone to watch kids.

Its not forever. Learn to like your own company. Take kids for a stroll to the park/ play group to meet other mums… :blush::blush:


See if your area has a local Moms Club or church sponsored mom’s morning out.

Yes it’s frustrating sometimes n my husband was trucking only home weekends late Friday leave early Sunday ;”( going to store was great he’d watch them 2 but I wanted dinner just us once month maybe n a warm relaxing bath by myself during week ? Now 29-20 kids yrs old I miss those days yes truly !!

Where are you located

Look for mommy and me programs in your area l kno its not easy also look for a babysitter so you and your husband can do a date night


It’s called pay a Babysitter


You’re having mommy burn out and that’s okay. We’ve all been there. What do you like to do? Read, drive, bicycle, hike? Find an activity, join a book club, take a yoga class. It’s important to take time just for you. Your husband can parent for the day while you go to the spa.


Yes i have 3 kids and only my Mum who helps. I take the kids to 2 different playgroups. I only have 1 home from this year though as my older 2 now both go to school. Playgroups are definitely a lifesaver if you have one near i’ve met great Mums i can talk to :slight_smile: My youngest also goes to childcare 1 day a week so i can have a day to myself.

Not alone at all. I have a very similar situation.

Girl i feel you. I baby sit a friends kids. And i can be kept in the house for 2-3 weeks except food shopping 1x a week. Ehhhhhh it sucks but i know my kids are treated right.