I am a young mom and people keep trying to tell me how to parent: Advice?

Could you keep anon please looking for advice I’m a young mom and I’m on my last nerve with people telling me what to do with my baby my boyfriends mother is constantly taking over and telling me not to touch the baby and leave her alone telling me what she likes and doesn’t like when I know what the baby likes when she cries she takes her off me and it upsets me so much I feel so isolated and sometimes think my baby doesn’t like me which I know is ridiculous, I know she means no harm but I’m on my last nerve with it I can’t say anything to my boyfriend as he’ll take it up the wrong way it’s so frustrating I don’t know what to do has anyone else experienced this and what did yous do thank you


Gently say, I am her mom and I know what she needs. 🤷 If anyone told me not to touch my own kid id kindly tell them to suck it.

You are going to have to put her in her place one good time. When you do, hopefully it won’t happen again. You are the mother, not her. Period!


You need to sit down and talk to her. Tell her you appreciate her help but you want to parent your own child.


Definitely put her in her place and tell her to step back! You can parent anyway you want!

Tell her “thank you. I know you mean well but this is my child. If I want advice, I’ll ask you/let you know .”

take the good advice and thank her some ppl have nobody to turn 2 but sit her down nicely and say thanku for her help but tell her how u feel and say u wna give it a go on your own and u will call her if u need help x


Tell them to piss off. It’s your baby


Talk to her. Tell her while you appreciate her help and advice you are the parent and you want to parent your baby. If all else fails move out. (I’m guessing you live with her. Sorry if I’m wrong) remember you are the mum, this is your baby and you are one of the parents not your mother in law.

Duh, tell people, especially your boyfriends mom, to back the fuck off. Unless you want or need her/ their advice and help, you’ll ask for it. Grow a backbone, put your foot down and stick to your guns! Being a young mom doesn’t mean you don’t know how to care for YOUR child.

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Sometimes its not what you say its how you say it. You need to set a boundary but do it in a respectful way.


Put a sign on your door, no visits - it’s flu season. Keep your germs to yourself. Lol.

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Tell her to back off…in a nice way.
Let her know you will ask for the help when you need it.


Your the mom you set the rules. Don’t let anyone try to take your place, ever.


Say thanks for your opinion ill take it into consideration and take your child back. My mil and i had many disagreements with my 6yr old until one day i blew up and told her shes no mother of the year with a repetative criminal son and a suicidal self harming daughter she obviously wasn’t very good at this either

Listen politely then do what the hell you want.:rofl:


Its your child do what you like. Tell her you understand but prefer to do it yourself your way. It is your experience not hers. She had her shot.


Tell that witch to back up.


You are going to have to put your foot down. Tell her you appreciate her help but please stop stepping on your toes. Tell her she has raised her kids and you will ask her if you have a question but up until that time can she please back up!


If this has been going on for a while, then you have allowed grandma to be in charge. Trying to regain control is going to be Very difficult. You can try to do it nicely but you might have to go to Bitch mode. Do it! Otherwise, you will never get your daughter back!