I am about to give birth and cannot picture myself being a mom: Thoughts?

I am 34 weeks along now, and it is still hard for me to imagine being a mom…I feel guilty because I feel like I should be able to accept it by now? I have always wanted to be a mom, and I am excited, but it’s like I almost cant accept that I will be giving birth in a short few weeks, nor can I imagine what life will be like once my little boy is here. Am I silly for feeling this way? This is my first child, by the way.


You can’t accept something you’ve never done yet. Don’t worry, you’ll feel it when the baby arrives. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You will not remember what life was like without him once you hold him💞


You def will when you see the baby. It all changes.

I am a mom and it doesn’t feel real still :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:


Your feelings are natural. Trust in your cellular ancestry- it KNOWS how to do this. And you will too​:star2::pray:t4::star2:

I definitely felt this with my first child my daughter once I seen her and got to hold her it was the most amazing experience. You will get there :heart:

Had my girl back on August. I never felt like a “normal” pregnant woman because I didn’t feel the love that most woman do, but she’s here now and I am so madly, head over heels in love with her. Once your boy is here that motherly feeling will kick in. You’re not silly, you’re normal

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No. Right before the last push before my daughter was born, I said to my doctor “im not ready to be a mom, no im not ready.”

Then she came out and immediately did the skin to skin with her, and it just all fell into place. <3 it’ll come.

I didn’t have that mother feeling until like a week after I had him. Even when I first held him, obviously I loved him but I didnt have that awe moment. Once you start watching them grow something in you changes


I feel the same way. Like it’s hard to picture my life with a little baby in it forever after Aug. but i know when i see his face all that will change. I still won’t have a clue as to what I’m doing :joy: but I’ll be a mom :heart:

That’s totally normal! It feels surreal even after you have baby sometimes.

I felt the same, everything will fall into place when you finally hold him x

That’s normal but when he arrives you wonder why you ever had those thoughts .The first time you hold him in your arms your feelings will disappear and be fantastic feeling of being a new mom .

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Totally normal! Once your baby is here it’ll change even then it can take a few weeks

I felt the exact same way and once my baby was born i couldnt picture life NOT being a mother! It’s totally normal to have those feelings but i promise it will come❤

Yea…I legit said “Fuck this mom thing.” while in labor Lol Wait til you lay eyes on your baby, your heart will love in a way you never knew possible. Good luck and congratulations!

So normal. You cant know how to feel when you’ve never gone through it. But like the other ladies said, once it happens you wont know what life was like without your sweet little :two_hearts:hang in there …congratulations!!!

That’s normal, as soon as the baby is born you will feel a love like no other. I felt the same way

Girl I still don’t feel like a mom and mine is 5 :joy: but then I look at my life and I’m like…yeah, full mom mode. I felt the same way I think it’s totally normal.

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