I am afraid of getting pregnant and gaining weight: Advice?

My husband and I got pregnant with our daughter as a surprise; I was on birth control. I gained 60 pounds, of which I’ve lost 30. However, I’m terrified of becoming pregnant again and gaining more weight… to the point I hardly want to have sex with my husband. I’m on birth control and take it as prescribed, but that fear is still there. I’m still on the fence about having another baby, and it’s just bothering me. Any advice? How can I get passed this?


Diet and exercise daily are the only way to get rid of baby weight. I went from 130 to 220 during my first pregnancy. I was able to lose it all in about 6 months by just being active and cutting back on what I ate. Many times I replaced 2 meals a day with nutrient packed smoothies.

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You need to seek help with a professional. This might be deeper than just gaining weight. :confused:


Don’t buy the snacks. You only need to consume an extra 300 calories once in 2nd trimester. Monitor your diet n you should be good. I didn’t indulge during my pregnancy n I went right back to my start weight.

Gaining weight comes with every pregnancy, best way is to have a plan after. Even a postpartum belly wrap helps with the extra belly, which goes on rite after birth and exercise of course. Best advise is, love yourself and bringing life into this world is a great thing. If your feeling depressed and everything you’ve tried to help make u feel pretty again just isnt working, you may want to seek professional help.:heart:


Have him get a vasectomy.


Is weight more important than being a mother? I agree with there being underlying issues possibly.


Birth control is not 100%. Neither are condoms. The only thing 100% is abstention from sex. But not going to happen when you are married. So, either a vasectomy for your husband (which also isn’t 100%, but better odds than regular birth control) or you will have to find a way to maintain weight during pregnancy/postpartum care (I would suggest a dietician or a nutritionalist who works with health for women).

I would have thought having the baby grow inside you be more important than gaining weight…


That’s what happen to me :pensive: 3 kids in 3 years 1 on birth control and I gained almost all my weight back after 10 years of maintaining

I absolutely believe you are being completely selfish and petty. like everyone else I would have thought the fact that you’re bringing a life into this world would be more important than whether you’re considering yourself as overweight.


To start, your beautiful! No matter how much you weigh, how your body changed, how your hair or skin looks, you are beautiful! Have a heart to heart with your husband about how your feeling, especially since intimacy (sexual intimacy especially for men) is important. Also speak with your dr. Explain your worries, fears, and how its impacting you personal life. And def consider speaking to a therapist because while weight gain is a very real concern, there could also be some other fears, worries, and concerns that are tied to the suprise pregnancy! Lots of luck and never forget you are amazing!


I gained on my first one when he was around 3 months old. But my second one I had gestational diabetes so I actually ended up 6kg lighter after giving birth. Very strict diet but I didn’t ever go hungry so maybe watch your diet if you decide on another

In order to have a healthy pregnancy you need to gain weight… Certain birth controls make you gain weight.


It seems there may be more to it, then just gaining weight🤷 I would really talk to your doctor. But, if you really don’t wanna have another child, and your husband doesn’t either, maybe look into him getting a vasectomy, or you getting your tubes clamped. There’s ways to lose weight after pregnancy also. And, birth control can also cause weight gain. Birth control is not 100% effective, neither are condoms. I used both when I got pregnant with my oldest. And was also on birth control when getting pregnant with my youngest.

I gained 100 lbs from my son and regret nothing!

Have him wrap it. Wear condoms. Pull out. Swallow. Anal. There are options.
Speak with your doctor about a more reliant birth control, and express your concerns/ fears about another unplanned pregnancy.
And pay no attention to the Perfect Polly’s trying to shame you in the comments, people just like to feel high and mighty but their shallow opinions really dont mean much.


I can’t believe the rude remake on here.
She doesn’t want another kid and nobody want to be fat or over weight


I am going to give birth to my daughter in just a few short weeks. I have 1 daughter who is 12, then lost a baby March 2020 and now due any time now. I have fought body image issues all my life. I gained 75 pounds with my daughter in 2008, but I was under weight to begin with. This pregnancy I have gained 50 and it does bother me at times, but I have to remind myself along with my doctors that it is needed to ensure my daughter is healthy. I wish I didn’t have to, but I also have come to terms compared to a year ago. I am also 36, so loosing weight is already harder than when I was in my 20’s. I can sit here and make myself sick over the weight I an gaining, or remind myself each and every day that I am giving my baby the nutrients she needs and that with breastfeeding, exercise, eating healthy and things like that, I can loose the weight that I have fought all my life to keep off. I honestly didn’t want any more children after my daughter in 2008, but there were other plans besides mine and I am blessed.

my wife gained a hundred pounds with our first child