I am afraid that I am going to miscarry again: Advice?

I’ve miscarried 3 times and just found out I’m pregnant. I’m terrified that I am going to miscarry again, should I go in for a pregnancy confirmation and also to see if the OBGYN has any tips for helping me keep this pregnancy or is it not necessary? Also any tips from you mamas out there would be wonderful!


Try to minimize your stress, take your vitamins and drink lots of water

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If possible don’t work

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Stay calm mama ! I know it’s hard :disappointed: I had 2 miss carriages before I had my daughter! Then she was born 7 weeks early. Another miscarriage before my second daughter and she was born 6 weeks early :heart: #miraclebabies

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Yes… it’s possible you may need progesterone to keep a pregnancy.

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Probably should get your levels checked. You may need progesterone to maintain your pregnancy.

I would. Sometimes hormone imbalances can cause it.

I would ask if they can check your progesterone.

Go in ASAP to get levels checked. I had to take progesterone so I wouldn’t miscarry.

I am sorry for you losses, sending positive vibes you way

See if you carry a blood clot disorder that was my problem they put me on meds and I had a healthy baby

Get progesterone from your dr asap


I am so sorry that you’re going through this. But have faith! My sister had 6 miscarriages and a tubal pregnancy, but was finally blessed with a baby boy in May… Sending lots of hugs and prayers for you! :pray::pray::hugs::hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is just my personal journey. I have an almost 9 year old that I had before I ever worked. I had a really stressful job both emotionally and physically. While there I had three miscarriages. Now that I’m again not working I’m 17 weeks pregnant. Obviously it is different for different people but for me not being physically overworked is working. I’m sorry for your losses and I hope and pray for you!

Go and get confirmed for your pregnancy and then go to the obgyn.

Go to your doctor asap and if they don’t suggest ask for progesterone to keep the pregnancy and dont work out just walk, don’t lift anything heavy

Try to take it easy relax try nt to stress i know its scary ive been there positive vibes to you

Go see your doctor make sure they know your history, you will be listed as a high risk pregnancy which means they will pay way more attention to what’s going on, the little fluctuations etc. Good luck!

Normally a Dr wants to check your levels several times early in pregnancy.

Sometimes the prescribe aspirin.