I am annoyed that my partners "number 2" stinks so bad: Advice?

My partner has a “healthy” digestive system. He goes daily, and when he does, it is SMELLY. Normally I just deal with it, but I am pregnant again and can smell EVERYTHING. You can’t even mask smells with me. I suffer from really bad nausea. I have had to be prescribed several different medications just to function. Even on a good day, his “breaks” get to me, but I endure. On a few bad days, he stinks up the apartment! (3 bed2 baths) a family member lives with us and she had one room and one bathroom. So we of course, share ours. But on his bad days, it can be smelled from the BACK OF THE APARTMENT BY THE DOOR/IN THE LIVINGROOM/KITCHEN. EVERYWHERE. We have talked, and he opens the window, turns on the fan, flushes many times, and sprays air freshener! I can’t ask him not to poop! But there is nowhere for him to do it. We spat about him pooping while I’m napping because I’m forced out of the room. I had enough. And I came up with all the ideas of what we are doing now. Today I demanded he find another solution because he is not the only one that lives here and it’s not just bothering me. I am very bothered, though, and it’s making me hate myself because I’m angry over something he can’t control! Am I an asshole for demanding he find a solution to this stinky problem without my help?


Uh you’re definitely being an asshole. How tf can you demand him to change the smell of his poop?

You’re kidding right. Hope you don’t have sons . I have a husband and 4 boys. You will be in for a real treat.


To be blunt. Yes you are. It’s nature poor bloke, I get you’re pregnant and maybe Hormonal but jeez the poor bloke is getting an earful for something he can’t control by the sounds of it. It’s his home too. Let him poop in peace… :laughing:


And you’re having a baby? Get ready for those explosive diapers


You sound like a lose effin nut. And a brat. Maybe the you need to go find somewhere else to stay


Wow hope the baby doesn’t have daddy’s healthy digestive system! Who will change those horrible diapers?


If I were him I’d feel so damn embarrassed. I get you’re pregnant, but you both should work together on it. Go outside while he poops ffs. He’s a man!!
Buy wall plug-in fresheners, put bleach or a really strong multi purpose cleaner down the toilet and air the house out. There’s got to be a way. But don’t make him feel like a dog for having stinky sh*ts. :woozy_face:

Everybody’s poop stinks. I’m sure yours doesn’t smell like roses. I feel sorry for this poor man having to deal with this lol


Could be a certain food… but anyways rub some Vicks out something under your nose

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Buy or make some poo pourri. It works

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You need to chill, turn on the exhaust fan 1st, light a candle, go outside

I’m guessing your shit don’t stink tho?! :poop::rofl:

He could have IBS or something, maybe his primary can help figure out how to help him.

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Goodluck when the baby comes :joy::joy::joy: get over it 🤷🤷🤷

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There is a product especially for this problem… Pooboo. I know the owner if you need supplies.

Um… You’re fucking nuts. Stop being a brat, let the man poop in peace… My husband’s shit smells too but… But ya know what?.. it’s supposed to be smell bad… That’s why it’s poop!!!

I mean…yeah you kind of are being an asshole. It’s a normal bodily function; how would you feel if he did this about your shit? Or if he was disgusted by your body during pregnancy? I think you would be heartbroken. Get some candles and some air freshener and deal with it.

Yes, you are being an a**hole. Pooping is natural so making him feel bad for it and demanding him to change his poop is ridiculous.


Yes , u being an ahole