I am anxious to be on my own due to my epilepsy: Advice?

My husband works swing shift and typically when he’s on 3rds (7pm to 7am) I go and stay with his parents since I have severe anxiety that is triggered at night time and being alone, which causes a trigger to my epilepsy. Anyways I finally hit a year seizure, aka epilepsy, free, and his parents make “jokes” about how I need to start staying home. I’m just fearful since it would just be me and my four-year-old daughter, and I’m scared of the possibility of having a seizure in front of her. I just need some advice on how you keep yourself calm in anxious situations as tomorrow will be my qst night attempting to stay home on my own with my daughter since I was diagnosed with epilepsy last October. Also, I’d like to add when I have seizures; I am unconscious for several hours. I also wish I could say staying with my own mother instead of my husband’s family is a possibility, but she’s passed away a while ago so it isn’t.


Have you thought about getting a service animal. Maybe a dog I know its expensive but maybe some insurance companies would help.


Smoke some weed. You’ll never have that problem


Yes look into a service animal! Also maybe call your doctor or health insurance to see if you could qualify for an aid at night.


I think it’s a little much that they want you to stay alone. Is there anyone that could stay the night with you? A sibling that could just make sure everything is on the up and up.

I have been seizure free for over 2 years, I still wont stay the night alone or swim


Is your four-year-old daughter not their grandchild or something because I can’t imagine anyone being okay with their four-year-old grandchild or any child for that matter being in the situation where they could see their mother go through that and not comprehend what was going on or have someone to take care of them while you were unconscious


Learn different meditation techniques to stay calm. it sounds like a crock but it’s a very big help

I agree with a service dog who is trained for seziures and epilepsy. They have said lives and they’re great companions so would help with the lonliness and anxiety.


Maybe Live cameras in your house also that your husband could monitor ?


If you haven’t done so already, teach your daughter about your condition and how to stay calm if something were to happen if it were only the 2 of you. I know there is very little a 4 year old can do but atleast she could be prepared if it were to ever happen.


Make a chart for your daughter with puctures in case of. Include daddy #, 911 # and grandparents. Speed dial if possible. Go thru all scenarios with her. You will be surprised how she will adapt. If you have a backup the anxious helps. Good luck


Can u get life alert and teach ur daughter what to do, I know its no help but idk maybe something

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What form of seizures? Perhaps a monitoring device could help.

I have the same issue! I’m delivering our first child in two weeks and have severe epilepsy and am scared to stay home alone with a newborn. Luckily I’ve been seizure free since February. My best advice and what has worked for me is maintaining a low stress level and focusing on the positive as well as making healthier choices. I wish you the best of luck. Just know stress always makes them worse, so whatever you can do to lower your stress do that!

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Look into a medical alert system with fall detection. If you can afford the $25/month it would increase your independence and give you peace of mind.

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Make sure your daughter knows your full name and address and how to call 911 or at least how to call and your name. Do you have a neighbor you can trust that you can instruct your daughter to go to if there is an emergency? Reach out to your community for help as well, they might know of resources in your area. I’m sorry they are being this way. That’s sick.

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Just say to yourself that he went to the store and will be right back. Also teach your child to call for help if needed.

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Watch a funny movie maybe video call a buddy