I am at a loss about what illness my daughter has: Advice?

I have a question regarding my nine-month-old and illness. It has been a month now, and she started with a cold. No big deal, but then her breathing was off, so took her in, and the doctor prescribed an inhaler. Said it was bronchiolitis and borderline RSV. I started to get a better week, and a half later went back for a wellness check, and her lungs were clear, and he thought we were right, but she was still coughing. By last Friday, she was coughing hard again, so brought her in, and he said it turned into bronchitis. He put her on an antibiotic, azithromycin. Her breathing seems better but still has a nasty cough and now is running a fever. I know a fever can be good to show it’s fighting, but should it becoming on four days after starting antibiotics? I’m at a loss to what is really going on with her. Anyone experience anything similar?


How long after her last vaccine did she get like this?

I would just keep taking her in until you get some answers and she starts feeling better. And also I’m allergic to azithromycin and found out by my symptoms getting worse instead of better so maybe she needs a different antibiotic?

Ask for a different antibiotic… azithromycin does not work for my son at all. Also at that age they may start cutting teeth which would also cause a fever and a runny nose sometimes so it may be unrelated to her original diagnosis as well

NO! Take her back in now! My daughter frequently gets bronchitis though she’s 3. She ran a fever after the antibiotics because it rolled into RSV which can and will kill. Take her back in. In my experience healing from bronchitis takes as much as 3 weeks to fully stop seeing/experiencing symptoms.

Fever goes with a infection

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Warm bath, vicks, and warm tea with little honey, sometimes home remedies work better.


Do NOT use Vicks on your child! The turpentine in it thins their delicate skin.

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Fever does accompany infection. But fever shouldn’t be present after 4 days on antibiotics if the prescribed antibiotics are actually treating the issue. With fever surfacing at this point in the process I’d take her back. Especially with how prevalent the flu and RSV already is this year.


Get her tested for Pertussis my daughter started out with a simple cold seemed like doctors would tell me it was the flu then strep then bronchitis and she worsened to the point where she was hardly able to breath turned out she had pertussis and because she didn’t get treated in time nothing they gave her would help we had to let this horrible illness run it’s course and it took her 6 months to get to a point where she could breath well. Now she has life long effects due to them misdiagnosing her the 5 times I took her to the doctors. :cry:

Take her to the ER. Also she should be on a nebulizer not an inhaler. A 9 month old doesn’t have the ability to take in an inhaler correctly. Probably needs a stronger antibiotic


My grand daughter is 4 and a half and we just went through this with her. Started 2 days before Halloween and she just went back to school yesterday.

I had a child just like this. They ended up putting him on albuterol syrup 3 times a day and it actually worked. First thing that actually did

Is she coughing? My son ended up with Coup cough at 6 months and that can last for 6 to 8 weeks. I was so on edge because of his breathing and congestion.

Pls take baby to ER immediately. My son had gone thru same symptoms i thought it was the flu but the fever made me worried. He was admitted for bronchitis last week. Discharged but still on meds…but doing much better oh he also had a few sessions with the physio to get excess mucus out of his lungs.

Take.her.to your nearest.childrens.hospital and dont leave until shes admitted.this shouldnt.be.on.going persistent cough fever.it could be pneumonia taken her to the hospital no hesitation


Bronchitis can last up to 3 weeks even with meds. Gotta let it run its course unfortunately

Did she by any chance aspirate merconium while she was being born. My daughter did and i had a hell of a time for the first year with her lungs

Where I am there’s a very nasty viral infection going around. My grandbaby was treated with Amoxil and then Zythromax as well (being in the Amoxil) Nothing treated her infection either. It lasted about a month or so! They used Zithromax in case it was whooping cough. She just had to gradually get better on her own. RSV is a virus, there’s not borderline. Shes positive or she’s not how did he create an in-between.

I’d take her back to a children’s ER. The antibiotics aren’t working and you don’t mess around with breathing issues. Better to be safe and have them give a nebulizer, Ventolin treatment. Good luck!

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