I am breastfeeding and losing too much weight: Advice?

Since having my daughter and breastfeeding, I’ve really been struggling with excessive weight loss. I eat as much as I can, but it’s just not enough, and I’ve started to get comments from my family and my husband saying they are concerned because I’m too thin. I don’t know what to do/how to gain more weight. I’m already eating as much as I can handle without my stomach hurting/me getting sick. Has anyone else ever had this issue? Any weight gain tips? My daughter is only six months, and I weigh significantly less then I did before I got pregnant, and I started at 127 pounds at 5’6. I’m much smaller than that now


Have you spoken to your gp? First step

Based on what you have said, I feel like you should see your doctor to explore other possible reasons for the weight loss.

Definitely talk to your doctor about this.

32 weeks pregnant and haven’t gained any weight in 3 months. My doctor recommended ensure drinks. It’s helping.

Try meal drinks and taking vitamins lots of calcium.

Doctor is better option than Fb… could be underlying factors


Could be hyperthyroidism

You need to see an md for blood panel. Make sure everything is working correctly. ASAP.

I lost a lot of wait with my colitis this year and my dr had me drinking three protein shakes a day in addition to meals. Maybe try adding those in.

I had a friend going through the same thing. She drank most of her calories because she couldn’t eat too much either without her stomach hurting. Also she ate a lot of healthy fats between meals that she had. Avocados and things like that. But I would definitely play on the safe side and just check in with your doctor to rule out anything else. Great job on breastfeeding as well!

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I would try some muscle mass protein and shakes help you gain healthily weight as well as have your thyroid checked and see your doctor

Try boost. It’s not too chalky if it’s super cold. I had trouble during my first and second pregnancy gaining weight. The doc had me drinking 3 boosts a day plus a large milkshake on top of meals. I didn’t gain any weight but I did stop losing weight. I was 145 pre-pregnancy and left the hospital at 115. With my first. I maintained during breastfeeding by continuing the boost regimen.

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People probs wont like my comment, but if you can drink a glass of wine and breastfeed , then smoke a joint and get the munchies :joy: bet you wont want to stop eating then lol


I’d love to have that problem. Lol

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Vitamins or those meal replacement drinks to help boost you and keep you healthy/supply up!


Drink plenty and get your thyroid checked, sometimes it can get out of sync after giving birth x

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If your healthy and happy that’s all that matters. Sorry to be vulgar but f them and their opinions. You just had a baby!!!

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Get your thyroid checked. I developed Graves disease postpartum. Pregnancy can trigger it. You can buy weight gainer shakes from supplement stores or on Amazon. Adding coconut or olive oil to your food is another weight gain trick.


Get your thyroid checked. You could have hyperactive thyroid

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