I am concerned for a family members baby: Thoughts?

Hi there! Not a mom here, but a concerned family member and I need some advice. A family member and her husband had their first baby. It is less than eight months old. Let me preface this by saying: said family member and I had a falling out a little over a year ago, and we are not close. Both she and her husband are extremely overweight (talking 400+ pounds each) and don’t really seem to grasp what is “healthy.” Regularly, she will post photos and videos of her baby on social media doing/eating things that really concern me. She feeds her infant (again, less than eight months) chocolate snack packs; full freeze pops, ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, veggie straws, chips, sour skittles, and full cookies. She has applied a full face of makeup to the baby and will put lip gloss on her on a regular basis to promote the products she sells. There are also a few more things that I can’t quite remember. This poor baby sleeps with TONS of blankets/stuffies and is left sitting alone with their dogs on a regular basis. She has posted photos of the baby in a single cab truck with her husband (in a car seat, but still unsafe. They have vehicles with a backseat but don’t want to use them because her husband just “loves his truck”), and take the baby in an enclosed off-road vehicle up large dirt hills on their property without a car seat – just sitting on the seat next to dad with his hand on her to keep her in place. She did “photoshoots” of the baby outside on top of said vehicle in 30°F weather with a thin long sleeve shirt and a thin blanket layer underneath it. The poor thing was so red and looked so cold in all the photos. I’m very worried about this baby’s general health, on top of the fact that my family member’s husband is verbally abusive to my aunt and physically abuses one of their dogs, and is overall a very impatient person. He refused to even hold his baby until it was around five months old, even at family functions when mom was busy, and nobody else wanted to hold the baby, he would simply state “I don’t want [baby’s name], give the baby to baby’s mom.” Babys’ mom is also extremely manipulative, and a compulsive liar who will not respond to concerns brought up about how she is taking care of this baby. I’m sorry that this is so long, but any advice you have on what to do/how to handle the situation (or if I should even step in) would be really great. Thank you so much in advance.


If you truly believed she was hurting this baby would you really be bringing it to facebook to see what we all thought? If you believed that baby was in danger, common sense tells me you’d have already called child protective services. So what’s this really about? If you’ve voiced your concerns then what else can you do? Because obviously it hasn’t risen to the level where you feel the need to get baby help. It sounds like you are being nosey and picky otherwise I assume you’d have already gotten help for this baby.


Call the ministry get them to do a wellness check

I mean none of those things you listed are great, but at the end of the day, you still need to just mind your business. You call CPS, the kid could end up in foster care, or nothing comes of it. Focus on your own shit and get off her FB.

I think it’s none of your damn business what she’s doing with her child. It’s not your place to tell anyone how to raise their child and some of the things you’re using as examples of her bad parenting are laughable. Oh wait the baby had ice cream holy shit better call cps immediately. Sounds like you’re the one who needs help.

Facebook is not the 1st place to be coming to with these concerns. If you can’t speak to them about it then just ring the right authorities.
Also it kind of sounds like you just don’t like them. You can’t control what they feed their child.


You need to mind your own business, little girl. Baby doesn’t sound in any danger you just sound nosey.


Also did you not say at the top your not a parent? So you don’t have a clue what it takes to raise a child.


Get a check done on them… i dont think shes being petty people. I would be concerned if i saw this as well…


If you are truly concerned then say something to the parents. If that doesn’t help or change anything maybe get someone more serious involved if you think this baby is really in danger.


Shes not a mom maybe this is the only place she knows to go to find out where to go from here.


Call cps hotline, and ask for a wellness check


The kid is clearly doomed, not sure there is anything you can do though :woman_shrugging:t2: car seats are safe in single cab trucks and cannot be used in atvs/off road vehicles, so basically ypu don’t have a leg to stand on with cps


Whatever the “falling out” was obviously has you still mad and vengeful…


If you are really concerned call family services.


It’s pretty scary to watch how some people “care” for a child. However, unless the child is actually in danger I don’t think there is much you can do. Possibly voice concerns to a family member that is closer to these people and who they may listen to?


You sound petty AF. You freely admit to having a falling out with the mom. Leave these people alone. You are looking for revenge, not to protect a baby.


You can call for a welfare check if you are honestly concerned for the babies safety. If you aren’t worried about the baby being safe, then there’s not much you can do without confronting them directly. Honestly the food thing is just your opinion on the matter. The “dad” is a deadbeat, you can’t change that. The only thing you should really be concerned about is the sleeping with blankets/stuffed animals. Are you friends with them on social media? It seems you are if you see them share things. Maybe you need to share an article about how unsafe it is for infants to sleep with items like that, though not tag them. Just share it. Start sharing articles about kids eating junk food and how it affects them. Start sharing articles about how fathers so step in when mom needs help. Can you drop a letter in their mailbox at night letting them know how they should correct their behavior now before it’s too late? Don’t sign it. Just write a letter, put it in an unmarked envelope and drop it in their mailbox at night. I do believe that parents can parent how they want, and even if most of us see these things as wrong, it is still a parenting style and there are no laws to enforce how to parent, just that we can’t abuse or neglect our children. If the baby isn’t abused or neglected, you must decide if you believe their “wrong parenting” is worth stepping in for.


I think the baby is fine. I’m worried about the poor dog!


Call it in if you’re that concerned