I am concerned with my husbands work relationship: Advice?

Mine SO got a partner at his work that he speaks very highly of. She is young and beautiful, and they have a really good work bond. I didn’t think anything of it at first because he has a lot of friends from work, but recently he just stopped talking about her, when he would always tell me what happened at work (good/bad) and he spoke about her more often than not. The last few things that he said was how he had called up some of his friends (whom I have never met) and had them come and hang her name sign up to surprise her before she came into work. He has never done anything like that for me. I’ll be lucky to get a card, and we never go out together, and I always tell him how I want to go out together. He even found a babysitter but never calls or texts them to see if they can watch the kids for a couple of hours. And then the other day he told me about his plans to go back to school to get his MS degree and him and his partner (the woman he surprised) were going to start up their own business and make a ton of money, and then he told me “and then we can get you some weight loss pills and you can get your boobs done”??? This made my heart beat so fast. He has been staying late at work; he texts her even while they are at work together, he making future dreams with her and even calling friends to get a surprise together for her. I feel so unappreciated, and it is making me feel that he has lost that “fun” with me and IDK how to get it back. He even got a promotion to work with someone else who is highly respectable, and he turned it down because “he couldn’t abandon her like that”.


that would be a deal breaker for me. Bye bye, funny thing though, she probably isn’t even into him, will never reciprocate his affection, and he’ll have lost what matters. But I’d see to it, he loses it. And when he comes crawling back like the snake he is? LOL, nope


Ya extremely suspicious I would look more into this


Babe. I hate to say this but ya man if he ain’t already cheating, he might be considering it. I’d pack my shit and leave. Cause that’s ridiculous

This stinks to high heaven girl. Trust your gut. If he has a laptop at home install some keylogging software and start investigating. Stay low key and don’t make accusations you can’t prove. To stealth mode. I definitely smell some shady :poop:


He is having an affair with her


Nope! No way! Not happening.

Yeah sorry but all of this points to cheating and I would be done. He has no respect for you at all


Throw him in the bin!!!


Have you talked to him?


I say he’s already having an affair or he’s interested in an affair with this woman.


Weight loss and a boob job! Hes playing up, show him the door.

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I couldn’t deal with that.

Run girl, run!


See what you need to do is start going threw his stuff get some screenshots evidence he’s been messing around then start pileing that up and Start popping up at random at his job Suprise lunch, cute little notes with and stuff for y’all too and watch that bitches face see if she’s going to act pissy that will tell you for sure he’s making it seem like y’all ain’t together and then if I was you I’d start making sure my man knows if he cheats exactly what he’s loosing wear sexy lingerie maybe get a blow out and fullface find a sitter and have an all night sexathon

He’s definitely in love with her


Besides her what he said to you is not okay! I agree with Polly I hope she just being nice and he taking it to the head…only be funny if u walk away to.


He is having an affair with her leave

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Girl. Im sorry but wow. Id be out of that relationship SO QUICK

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Nope, i would walk away


Honey. He’s not gonna be the man you want him to be. To me he found something new and shiny. Not saying you aren’t beautiful because you are. You deserve so much more and better. Don’t settle for this BOY find you a man who does this to you from day 1