I am considering getting the IUD: Thoughts?

I’ve been thinking about getting an IUD, but I am worried about possible side effects since with other birth controls, like the pill and the shot, I became very depressed. How did your experience with it go? How was it to get it put in? Any advice? Thanks, mamas!


I had IUD’s for 10 years best thing I ever did
After a few months I stopped having a cycle and never got pregnant
Slight cramps when getting it put in and taking it out

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I have the non hormonal IUD. Although sometimes sex hurts, it is the best type of birth control I have ever been on.

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I just had mine put in Monday last week i was super nervous but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be the worst party was the cramping afterwards

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I had my iud for 4 years no problem, then my daughter was born holding it. I have pictures if you don’t believe me. :joy:


Get the copper one . Mirena was garbage but the copper kind is the only non hormonal BC . Its lovely

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Had it before having a baby, loved it. Have it after having a baby, still love it. I haven’t had any poor side effects. Love not having a period most of all.

I have had liletta since Feb 2017. I have not had a period yet. But the first 6 months i gained like 35lbs and had really horrible anxiety.

I am on my 2nd Mirena and love it. Light spotting for first 6 months otherwise no periods very happy

First few months (2-3) was cramping but enjoyed the factor that I didn’t have to worry about taking a pill or changing a patch. My period was Irregular tho has it for 3 days and only came every second or Third month. Takes at least 1 year after removing to get pregnant. Removed last year match 2019 and got pregnant April 10ish

Great birth control but heavier periods :unamused:

I dont like it because I bleed one week and get all the period symptoms the next week, this happens once a month. Mine is murina and it should have stopped my periods all together but it didnt. Overall it’s not bad but wierd when my partner can feel the strings lol you never really know till ya get it

I have the copper one and don’t like it. I’ve be on everything you can think of and my body just doesn’t like it. Even the copper IUD has side effects.

Had the Mirena 8 months and hated every second of it. I had the Paragard for 7 years and loved it. My body does not like hormones.

I have had it twice and this month my third. Never ever had 1 single problem. Love it

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Best thing I ever did after I had my son

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I loved my mirena. Would go back to it but going for a more permanent fix this time. I had it inserted at my 6 week postpartum check. Had it for 7 years without incident. Got it removed in July of 2017 and started using other BC methods. Started trying for a baby in April 2018. Found out I was pregnant in May of 2018.

Edited: My period did stop completely after the first year but returned within a week of removal.


It all depends on your body and how you take them. I personally have had two. With no problems at all… Your period will slow down to a couple days spotting. Or nothing at all. My kids are 6 years apart. Got pregnant everytime itook it out! So i promise you it works. I think its the best form of bc.

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On my second Paraguad (copper one) and I love it. Little bit heavier period but worth it to not have all the other side effects. This one is good for 10 years, hence my second and third child are 10 years apart lol

Had the mirena for a while between having kids… but did end up getting pregnant while still having it in. (Ended up being a tubule pregnancy)