I am currently going through a chemical pregnancy: Advice?

I’m currently going through a chemical pregnancy loss and I was wondering if anyone was successful getting pregnant in their next cycle? This was my first pregnancy and we were just so excited and I’m hoping we will have luck. Hoping to hear some good news. Being a mom is my dream.


My sis did! Doesn’t affect anything :sparkling_heart:

Yep I ovulated 2 weeks later and fell pregnant with a healthy baby boy!

What is a chemical pregnancy? I have had two miscarriages in a row and got pregnant again twice after that and again ten years later hugs. It’ll be ok

December 2018, I had my first chemical pregnancy (I had been taking a fertility drug). January 2019, I ovulated (on my own!) and conceived my now 15 month old. What’s even more crazy is, when that son was 5 months old, I conceived my now 3 week old while on birth control!!


I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2018 and I had a chemical pregnancy (miscarriage) last March.
I am 20 weeks now so don’t give up hope!!!


Give acupuncture try. Look for someone in your area that is ABORM certified.

Yep, I was pregnant again the very next cycle.

I miscarried and got pregnant with my son 2 days later. I ovulate twice a month so it might have been more rare. It’s very possible though.

Had 1 May 2018, another August 2018, then got pregnant in Nov 2018 and had a baby in July 2019.

I had infertility issues back in 2007 and couldn’t get pregnant. After a visit to fertility specialist, I was pregnant and have a 13 year old. Now a few years back… August of 2017 and July of 2018 I suffered two miscarriages. However, Sept 2018 I was pregnant for a third time and carried to full term! I have a happy, healthy, 19 month old! I had low progesterone levels and needed to use a supplement in order to carry. It’s really possible and you will!

Literally what happened to me, I was having super weird symptoms so I took a test before my period was due(I know lol) it came up positive. Then I started bleeding the next day so I went to the ER, their test was negative. Next cycle I got pregnant and I have a VERY healthy 6 month old lol he’s a chunk! I’ve had 2 miscarriages in the past as well, don’t lose hope!

I had a chemical pregnancy in October 2016…got pregnant again in Dec 2016. Baby girl
Is now a healthy and SASSY 3 yr old.

I had two chemical pregnancies back to back and a month after the last one I got pregnant with my almost 2 year old and when he was 6 months I got pregnant with my daughter . Don’t lose hope it will happen.

I had a chemical. Turned out i had insulin issues if you struggle after it might be worth seeing a doctor to investigate cause my first obvious sign i was unwell was the chemical. Got myself together now have a beautiful 10 month old

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My daughter went through that last year. She conceived in her next cycle and my grandson is now 2 months old and healthy.

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I got pregnant six months after our first loss and I was stressed my whole pregnancy but once I heard our babe cry for the first time I LITERALLY felt a big wave of relief so intense I felt my body go limp and I cried and then a wave of happiness I’ve never felt before until then came over me and it was amazing. Praying for ya mama♥️

What is a chemical pregnancy?


Iv got 2 kids. 10 and 7. Been trying for another with no luck. Had a chemical pregnancy loss at 2 weeks along then had another loss at 7 weeks along. My doc ran all kinds of tests on me to make sure there was no underlining issues causing this. All my tests came back healthy. My vitamin D was a little low. She also has me on progesterone meds. They help regulate your minstrel cycle. It help the lining of your uterus get thinner just Incase it’s to thick or has over growth to it so helps it shed. Also helps you sleep at night. Progesterone is a hormone in the body that controls a lot! If it’s low you have mood swings, hair loss, weight gain and bunch of other stuff. My cycles weren’t lasting a healthy amount of days on there own! Mine only lasted 3 days tops! So this could cause my uterus to be to think for implantation to properly occur. So hopefully this will help me conceive soon. My doc said just bc you loose one doesn’t mean your next pregnancy will fail to. These things happen for whatever reason. Just keep in good spirits and everything will all work out. I know exactly how you feel bc I’m going through it to just hang in there. :heart:

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It’s best to wait, let your body regulate the hormones out