I am drained with my current relationship: Advice?

We’ve been together for 13 years and have two kids. But he’s verbally abusive. 70% of the time he’s like asking us (yes, not just me but also the kids) to go like telling us that everything in his life was alright before we came. I know he’s also sexting other women when he’s really drunk (I’ve caught him twice or thrice). And all he does is criticise. No appreciation at all. No thank you. I’m emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. I want to leave him but I know financially I’m not ready. How do I cope for the time being?


Girl I have been there … Like to a t and more. Message me if you want to talk

You don’t cope you leave


You’ll never be financially ready sometimes you just need to take a chance. Everything will fall into place it wont be easy at first no it wont but it will be worth it. Claim benefits, child support, clean take in ironing…get creative were women. Were resilient like that x


Leave don’t worry about finances, talk to your family they will help, talk to churches there are also groups out there that help people like you. You can call your local police department non emergency number they will have information for women’s shelters in your area, even a local counseling agency has information on where you can get help. I stayed in an abusive relationship he left came back and when I found the letter to his girlfriend while doing laundry he beat me up, I am now on disability because of the injuries he caused. I wish I would have gotten out of the relationship sooner.


Dont , you just make a short term plan to get out safe , stash what funds you can , document everything and leave if you feel safe to if not ask for help from a womens abuse assistant.

There is financial aid options for single mothers! Your happiness has no price tag! You got this momma! Everything will fall into place :heartpulse:
Leaving my abusive ex husband after 14 years was the best decision I ever made.


Leave him. It’ll work itself out. You and your children don’t need to be exposed to his toxicity.

Cutt his abusive balls off and throw him.out

I left, with two young kids, and was a stay at home mom with no source of income. It’s hard. I’m not going to downplay that. It was and still is so very hard. But had I waited for finances to be ‘right’ I’d still be taking his abuse to this day. Finances will fall into place, your happiness and mental well being (for yourself and your children) is more important :heart:


Ive lived this. PM if you want to talk. You need to leave. Its not easy buy life us SO much better. God will take care of you. Do not worry about finances. Get as much money out as you can and leave. Everything will work out for you!

Go to a women’s and children’s shelter for dv they should be able to help you get back on your feet

If the original writer of this sees my reply… Girl please reach out to me.

Leave, he will never change!!!

My 2 biggest excuses were I didn’t want him to harm my family & Idk if I can do it financially. Now I was saving to leave in fact I had almost 12 grand in cash so I could leave and be ok for a while on my own.

Then one day he snapped. Like I’d never seen before and he had a different look in his eyes.
I left the same day and he had a tracker on my phone and actually robbed me in the garage of the person I was staying with. Left me with NOTHING except my 2 dogs and the clothes I was wearing.

Guess what?? 5 yrs later. And I’ve got a wonderfully loving and caring husband and 4 beautiful babies.
You’ll be ok. I promise. It will be rough but you WILL survive. Your kids however will forever be damaged in so many ways emotionally and mentally if you stay.


He’s toxic to you and your kids :triumph::triumph::triumph: I know is not easy , talk to your family for help. Staying with him will affect you and the kids :sweat: Finances will come into place, focus on yourself and your kids :pray:t2:

Hopefully you have family you can reach out to. This is why females shouldn’t try to rely on a man with his money and have their own income. I hear about this type of stuff all the time on this page “I want to leave but I have no money”. I’m not trying to criticize but a woman should always know/have a way to make sure their kids are good knowing anything could happen.


You need to figure it and get your kids and yourself out of this relationship. Your children shouldn’t be seeing this kind of abuse.

Leaving will he the best thing. I’ve been in two relationships like that. Cried almost every freakin day. I fell back into my dark hole. But when I left, I felt alot of relief. It’ll be better for both you and your kids to get away from the negativity

Pack his bags, or pack ur bags whatever the situation may be. Life is too damn short for that mess. To have somebody treat u like they can get better? Baby NO. YOU CAN GET BETTER. And let me state the obvious, you are a mommy 1st and those babies DESERVE BETTER and if dad is trash it’s up to mom to show them just how good it can be. YOU CAN DO THIS.