I am early in my pregnancy and bled after sex: Advice?

So we just found out I’m pregnant! Woohoo! I’m only seven weeks five days. This is my third pregnancy. My husband and I were “doing the deed” yesterday, and afterward, there was bleeding. It wasn’t just a couple of spots; it was more like a light period. I CALLED MY DOCTOR AS SOON AS I SEEN IT. She said not to worry that it could be normal and to just refrain until my next appointment(1/14/20). I’m just super nervous that I could be miscarrying and can’t think anything but the worst. I’ve never had this problem while pregnant with my other two. I guess I’m looking for encouragement that everything is okay or any advice! Do any other ladies bleed after sex during the beginning of pregnancy?


If it’s light pink, not a deep or dark red, it could be normal. You could have an irritated cervix (happened when i was pregnant with my first and she’s happy and healthy today)

Depends on the amount of blood. Basically, yes—its not uncommon for a woman to show a little bleeding after sex. Your body is becoming more sensitive as things change for the baby. My doctor had told me it was fine. However, always consult your doctor just in case.

It’s normal. You have more blood flow down there so many tiny blood vessels could break.

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I bled in the beginning alot. Even when we didn’t do the deed it kept up until about 13 weeks. Hopefully it’s normal for you as well!:heartpulse:
(36w1d now.)

I had implantation bleeding but it was not red and had no clots

It is quite common but if you are having doubt mama go to your local ER. Best of luck to you and yours :blue_heart:

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I bled after sex with my son during week 7 also. I was super worried too - my son is now 6 :blue_heart: they had me refrain from any sexual activities and they put me on progesterone til week 13. After that time it didn’t happen again

Happened to me with my 2nd pregnancy. And it was heavy bleeding. There’s a lot of blood flow going down to your cervix that when hit the small arteries can burst. But it will go away.

The same thing happened to me and it ended up just my cervix being irritated from all the friction. I still bleed when me and my husband do the deed and my babygirl is 35 weeks and as healthy as can be. It’s more than likely irritation but I would still consult your doctor​:blush::blush:

Keep an eye on it whether it’s spotting or really bleeding ,when I first became pregnant I had “rougher” sex and the next day was spotting went to the hospital they basically said it’s common with intercourse but to try not to have sex for atleast a week and no strenuous activity .

I did when I was13 weeks with my 2nd (never had it happen with my first) and I woke up bleeding. I had a subchronic hemorrhage (likely from the sex) and was just told to take it easy til 20 weeks. Hes 6 months old now :slightly_smiling_face:

At 10 weeks exactly with my first daughter I bleed after sex it didn’t last long but it was a lot as if my. Had just started and gushed out. I went to the ER and then had a follow up with my midwife and everybody confirmed that I had a SCH that formed behind my attaching placenta and an order for my placenta to finish attaching it expelled it and it pulled at the top of my cervix and then all of the banging around during sex brought it all down. She’ll be three next month and I never had any complications with that pregnancy. Positive thoughts and prayers to you :heart:

As long as it isn’t a deep color or accompanied by cramping everything should be ok. You could always go to an ED or Urgent care if you’re not able to stop worrying.

My blood type is A- so if I bleed at all my body will take it as getting rid of a foreign object since the blood type is rare I would have to go to ER to get a shot

I bled my entire 11th week lightly and I have never been more scared in my entire life I had a threatened miscarriage. I just gave birth to this man


I had bleeding with both pregnancies (red and dark brown) well into my second trimester and have two very healthy girls! Could very well be nothing :slightly_smiling_face:

If its light pink or brownish you should be okay.

Not during early pregnancy, but around mid pregnancy… it was a lot and I thought for sure I had miscarried… I called my dr right away and then onto the hospital and they monitored my son for a few hrs and everything was fine!! Thank God… they just put me on pelvic rest for a few weeks… if u called ur dr and she assured u that it was fine I’d say everything is ok… but if I was still worried I’d go to the hospital… better safe than sorry!! Again, I’m sure ur ok, maybe with this being ur 3rd child things are just more sensitive down there!! Try to stay positive!! I’m sure ur baby is ok… I’ll keep u in my prayers. Good luck!!

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If that worried, goto ER